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Jig Testimonials


We would like to thank all of you who use our custom handmade jigs around the world. We greatly appreciate your business and are extremely happy that you have had success with our jigs. Best of luck in the future, and keep after it!

"On November 22, 2020 I used your jigs all day and had the best day of fishing in years. I caught 7 fish up to 8 lbs. I had purchased 4 different colors and was successful with each one as the day had went from early morning to evening. Thanks for a great product, they are very well built and designed. As we like to say (FISH ON). Thanks"

     - Gary, California

"I lost my last black jig on this trip when I was fishing with my friend, and I never caught another fish. I swear by your jigs."

     - Jerry, Nevada

"I caught 20 trout, 19 rainbows and 1 brown. Out of the 20 caught, 14 were on your jigs! Just keeping you posted! I love the Fly Rod Flag shirt also. I will be ordering more! Thanks again!"

     - Kevin, Arizona

"Thanks for the jigs, they worked awesome! My buddy will reach out to you to order some. He was with me on this trip and became a believer!"

     - Michael, Arizona

"If you fish, and fish Marabou Jigs, I've never seen craftsmanship like this product, the attention to detail is epic! And they have a line of custom painted jig heads as well, in colors I've never seen working at a tackle shop. Stoked to get these hooks in some fish here soon!"

     - Ian, California

"These are the best jigs you can buy, made by some friends of mine. Highly recommended."

     - Harley, California 

"My friend and I will use no jig on the market!!! (Proof's in the picture!!!)

     - Amy, California

"You need to buy these jigs, I personally have seen them work, they are awesome. And it seems the big fish love them. I've netted numerous big fish that were caught on these jigs!!!

     - Bobby, California

"The best handmade marabou jigs and hand painted jig heads you'll find."

     - Chris, Wyoming