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  "Torn Waders - Hardworking Original Fishing Apparel & Gear" celebrates our love of fishing!  We understand the needs of fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts - clothes and gear that stand up to wear and tear. We provide what you want; heavyweight custom graphic T’s, reliable hoodies that perform, a large selection of hats and beanies, and 100% handmade marabou jigs. There's something for everyone! 

     Everyone starts somewhere; local ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, or the ocean. Regardless of where you started, you understand the pull toward the water.  The excitement of “gearing up” the night before a fishing trip is contagious. We fish for hours – sometimes to hold a fish for a few moments, sometimes to bring home dinner.  Regardless of why, all of us have that same level of excitement for fishing today as we did when we were kids. We are hooked!  

Located in Northern Nevada near Pyramid Lake, a world famous destination for anglers chasing monster Cutthroat Trout, we take advantage of its beautiful waters every chance we get.  We count ourselves lucky to have met and fished beside so many wonderful people!

     To our family who introduced us to fishing; to the friends and legends that helped us fine tune our skills, the sincerest “Thank You” for teaching us about this truly wonderful sport. Each and every one of you helped make Torn Waders a reality.

     Thank you for visiting our website.  Please look around and see what Torn Waders has for you! 

From the crew at Torn Waders – GOOD LUCK and KEEP CASTING!   


 Cutthroat trout in the net at Pyramid LakeTwo Men Fly Fishing at Pyramid Lake