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Willow Beach stripers keyed on trout

Written By Mike Stevens/ WON Staff

Writer Published: Jun 08,2017 

WILLOW BEACH, NEV. — Striped bass fishing immediately improved in the Willow Beach area once trout stocking resumed this winter after a long absence. Trout arrive every Friday, and will on a year-round basis, so it’s safe to say that their presence will also dictate fishing tactics, even at times such as these when daytime temps are can flirt with 110 degrees.

WILLOW BEACH STRIPERS are chowing down on trout, so big swimbaits are the way to go. Las Vegas angler Tim Campbell has been using Hiroshima Custom and AVK Trout to entice quality fish like this.

Las Vegas angler Tim Campbell is one of those area regulars that has a pattern dialed.


“Trout are stocked on Fridays at 7 a.m.,” said Campbell. “They stock 500 south of the Fishing Pier and 500 near Kayak Beach. The stripers are extremely dialed on the trout, and if your timing is right, you can fool a few fish on bigger swimbaits. My go-to baits lately have been either the Hiroshima Custom or AVK Trout. Swimbaits are producing the bigger fish, and the bigger, the better. Also, people on shore are catching 5 to 7 pounders on cut bait, day and night. Pack your patience and tons of water if you’re planning on heading out. It’s hot and tough. The water level is nearly maxed out, and clarity has dropped. It happens every year for the boating season.”

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