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Western Nevada Fishing Report

Courtesy of NDOW

Updated: 10/2/2017


Fishing has been fair for trout and good for bass. Rainbow trout were last stocked in June before water temps started to rise. Trout fishing in the early mornings or late evenings should remain good through the fall.

Fly Fisherman retrieving Zug Bugs, Woolly Buggers, Sheep Creek Specials, Damsels, and small Leech patterns under the surface will pick up bass all day. Fly and spin anglers in float tubes casting top water poppers at the bass will catch fish early and late in the day. Bait fisherman using powerbait or worms have had success with bobbers or a sliding sinker off the bottom.



Fish has been a little slow due to mid-summer heat but there has been a few fish caught. Expect fishing to get really good when water temperatures fall a little.

Fly Fisherman have been slowly retrieving small leech patterns or letting nymphs sit under an indicator.  Spin anglers have had some success with small spoons and spinners during the morning and late in the day. The road is rough getting in and 4-wheel drive is highly recommended.



East Fork of the Carson River’s current flow is 657 cfs near Gardnerville. Fishing will pick up as the flows stabilize and the NDOW hatchery truck will be visiting soon which should make a recipe for success.



Fishing has been slow.  A few walleye and channel catfish are being caught.  Note that all tiger muskie must be released and report the tag # to NDOW.




East Walker Flow is currently at 500 cfs. With the East Walker River flows starting to level out the fishing should be good early morning and late afternoon all the way to the state line.  Fly fisherman nymphing with caddis and midge patterns have reported the best luck.



Open May 1 - September 30.  Ash Canyon access road is closed due to extreme damage during the 2016-2017 winter.  Work is being done to repair the road but it is not anticipated to open during the 2017 fishing season.  Anglers willing to make the hike to the reservoir are experiencing great fishing for large (16-18”) tiger trout, rainbow trout, and brook trout.  Fishing leech patterns subsurface seems to be the most popular while anglers using rooster tail spinners are also having luck.



 The blue green algae bloom at Knott Creek has almost entirely cleared up.  Fishing has been fair to good with fish averaging 17-18”.  As water temperatures cool down expect fishing to get better.  Fall fishing as Knott Creek can be excellent at times. 




With the incredibly wet winter the Nevada Department of Wildlife was able to stock trout at Lahontan Reservoir for the first time in over 20 years. This morning 5,500 rainbow trout were stocked on the Churchill County side of the reservoir. Lahontan fish populations were hit particularly hard by the prolonged drought and these trout will give anglers another thing to look forward to this spring. Additional stocking of walleye, wiper, crappie, and channel catfish will happen later in the summer, late May or Early June.



Lake Tahoe has benefitted from a historic winter and is near full for the first time in a decade.  Anglers have been reporting good success catching Mackinaw in the 3-5 pound range from boats concentrating in the 100 – 300 feet with white dodgers and minnows.  Early morning have also been productive in the 10-20 foot range for both rainbow and brown trout.  Shore anglers have reported catching rainbow trout using spinners. Cave Rock and Sand Harbor boat ramps will be open in 2017.  Stocking of rainbow trout will occur throughout the summer months.



The Mason Valley WMA is open to fishing from Feb. 11 - September 30.  Lux Lane and Miller Lane are closed at the bridges.  The Cooling Ponds can be accessed from Sierra Way and the fishing series ponds can be accessed by coming in through town to the main entrance.  The best fishing has been reported for the cooling ponds.  Bass fishing should be good for anglers that know how to target them.




Open July 15 through Sept. 30. 

Anglers reported an exceptional opening day (7-15) with numerous fish reported over 22” and good numbers of fish as well.  Most anglers reported to have fished along the southern shoreline to the dam and used a variety of tackle types.  Most fish caught were reported to be in 8-15’ of water.  Fishing leeches under an indicator was the most common type of fly tackle while dare devils, spinners, and kastmaster type lures all produced as well.  As the summer progresses and the water continues to warm expect the fish to move to deeper water.




Fishing has been good.  Fish are averaging 13 inches with some fish over 17 inches.  Power bait and spinners are producing the most fish.  Roads are rough.  4-wheel drive is recommended.



Fishing has been slow.  Some yellow perch and channel catfish are being caught out of the reservoir.  A few wipers are being caught below the dam in the river.



The lake has been stocked several times since the end of May with both rainbow and tiger trout.  Fishing has been slow with the exception of the late evening where surface feeding trout have been active.  A float tube or small boat is helpful to avoid the increasing weed beds along the shoreline of Spooner Lake but the dam area provides good access to deeper water with limited vegetation.



The level of Squaw Creek Reservoir was lowered during the summer of 2017 in order to make improvements to the water storage capacity.  While reports are that angling is still good to excellent it is expected to be somewhat difficult to access the reservoir as the shoreline is exposed and extremely muddy.  Equipment is also present and operating at the reservoir and will be for most of the fall.  While these actions are unfortunate they will benefit the reservoir in the long term and will also improve the access to the fishery.  Please remember that Squaw Creek Reservoir is a privately owned reservoir and use is allowed by the landowner, please respect this at all times.



Open January 1 - September 30, 2017.  Fisherman have reported that bass fishing has been going well in the recent weeks.  Anglers fishing Powerbait have reported Rainbows in the 14-19 inch range this week.



The Truckee's current flow in Reno is 426 cfs. With the sudden decrease in flow from nearly 1,000 cfs the fish activity has slowed.  Expect the angling to pick up quickly as the river settles into a more stable flow rate.  The fish are healthy coming out of the 2016-2017 winter and good numbers of trophy class rainbow and brown trout have been reported throughout the Nevada portion of the river.  Stocking of Lahontan cutthroat trout has occurred and triploid rainbow trout will be stocked toward the end of August or the beginning of September.  Fly anglers have reported success using nymphs along the seams and in feeding lanes while bait anglers using worms and silver spinners are having some success.



The regions urban ponds have been stocked heavily since the spring but the stocking rates have slowed recently due to the warm air and water temperatures being experienced in the region.  Best methods for urban ponds would be to use a sliding sinker setup with Powerbait off the bottom, or nightcrawlers below a bobber. Spinners and Kastmasters are a great option too. Fish are suspended from 7-12 feet. All urban ponds have a limit of 3 game fish.



No new updates. No Lahontan cutthroat have been reported or seen at Walker Lakes since 2009. Launching is not possible right now.



Angling at Wall Canyon Reservoir has been reported to be excellent this fall with good numbers of bowcutt trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, and smallmouth bass caught.  Some smallmouth bass have been reported in the 14-16 inch range and angling with small crankbaits seems to be the most productive.  Anglers trolling rapalas or casting from the dam are reporting success on most trout species.  As temperatures continue to cool expect angling to continue to improve.



Washoe Lake has benefitted from the historic winter of 2016-2017 and has reached levels not seen in over a decade.  Fishing is slow due to the low numbers of fish currently residing in the lake.  Stocking of several thousand channel catfish and white crappie has occurred in both Little Washoe Lake and Washoe Lake.  Lucky anglers may have success on white bass or channel catfish.  Focusing efforts around Little Washoe Lake may provide the best opportunity for a successful day.

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