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Utah - Northern Region report

Information compiled by Nicaela Haig

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

Current water levels: See current water levels for rivers and lakes across Utah.

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Bear Lake


The lake has been stocked with cutthroat trout throughout the week. Anglers have recently reported catching fish in approximately 25 feet of water by trolling at low speed. If you're fishing from shore, try using crankbaits or spoons. (06-19-17)

Blacksmith Fork River


Many stretches of the river appear too high and fast-flowing for fishing. Use extreme caution. (06-19-17)

Bountiful Lake


Bountiful Lake has not been stocked recently. Anglers report slow to fair fishing at the community ponds this week. For greater success, watch the stocking reports and fish within a few days after a pond has been stocked. (06-19-17)

Causey Reservoir


The water at Causey is a dark, almost opaque brown, and the water is flowing over the spillway. One angler reports no bites even after using many different types of tackle. If you still want to try your luck this week, anglers recommend fishing the inlet. (06-19-17)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


The water temperature was in the high 50s last weekend and the reservoir has been filling rapidly. Though some anglers report a slower catch, especially those fishing from shore, others are pulling in many rainbow trout. Try trolling near the shoreline using Rapalas. If you can only fish from shore, try floating garlic PowerBait 3-4 feet off the bottom. (06-19-17)

Echo Reservoir


The reservoir is full and water is flowing through the spillway. Anglers report good fishing for rainbow trout by trolling at low speeds with pop gear and a worm. Trout caught were about 15-16 inches long. (06-19-17)

Farmington Pond


Farmington Pond was stocked on Monday, May 15. Anglers report slow to fair fishing at the community ponds this week. For greater success, watch the stocking reports and fish within a few days after a pond has been stocked. (06-19-17)

Holmes Creek Reservoir


Some anglers report no bites at all, while others have been very successful. One angler reports that fishing was good in the middle of the day. (06-19-17)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


Fishing has recently been slow to fair at Hyrum. Most anglers who were successful fished in the early mornings or late evenings. Try slowing down your trolling speed. (06-19-17)

Jensen Nature Park Pond


Jensen Pond was stocked last week with channel catfish. Anglers report slow to fair fishing at the community ponds this week. For greater success, watch the stocking reports and fish within a few days after a pond has been stocked. (06-19-17)

Kaysville Ponds


The bass are beginning to bite. Anglers recommend the south pond if you're looking to increase your chances of landing a bass. (06-19-17)

Logan River


The river is flowing incredibly high and fast. Many areas appear unfishable. Use extreme caution if attempting to fish the river at this time. (06-19-17)

Lost Creek Reservoir


The water level at Lost Creek Reservoir is rising. Anglers report pulling in large rainbow trout this week. Try fishing in the arm of the reservoir that contains the boat ramp, especially in the late afternoon when trout are moving into shallower waters in search of food. If you're fly fishing, try using leech or black squirrel patterns. (06-19-17)

Mantua Reservoir


Anglers report fair to good fishing. As of last weekend, the water temperature was in the low 60s and water visibility was only a couple feet deep. One angler reports finding success fishing for trout from the dike using a black woolly bugger. Another angler caught several largemouth bass from the tree-lined area on the south shore. (06-19-17)

Ogden River


The river is still running high, fast and murky brown. Use caution. One angler reports catching decent-sized brown trout. (06-19-17)

Pineview Reservoir


This is a good time to fish for a variety of species, particularly crappie and smallmouth bass. As of last weekend, the water temperature was about 60 degrees. Anglers report catching tiger muskie, smallmouth bass, crappie and perch. The reservoir's water level is rising and is nearly full. At about 3-4 feet of visibility, the water clarity has improved. (06-19-17)

Rockport Reservoir


Anglers report slow to fair fishing this week. Try slowing down your trolling speed. Anglers who were successful reported fishing on the west side of the reservoir. Anglers recommend green-colored bait or lures, gold Flatfish, worms, Jake's lures, or pop gear. (06-19-17)

Uinta Mountains


A large amount of snow still remains. Based on current conditions, we anticipate that SR-150 (Mirror Lake Highway) will not be clear until June. The North Slope streams are extremely high and have become even higher since last week. The Bear River has doubled in size, Hayden Fork is unusually wide, and the East Fork Bear River is flowing across the entire valley. Please use caution if attempting to access waters in the Uinta Mountains. (06-19-17)

Weber River


Use caution as the Weber is flowing extremely high and fast. If attempting to fish, anglers have recently found success targeting brown trout below Lost Creek using caddis or soft hackle patterns. (06-19-17)

Willard Bay Reservoir


The water is murky and contains debris. Many anglers are reporting very poor fishing for wiper. However, anglers report catching some decent-sized walleye. (06-19-17)

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