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Truckee River Fishing report

kiene's american river fly fishing report


Updated - 7/18/17

Current River Conditions: Flows were dropped this week to below 200 CFS do to the impoundments downstream being full.  This is very unusual since in a normal precipitation year the river is running between 300 & 400 CFS.  This may be the sweet spot for summer fishing on the Truckee.  

Our guides tell us that fishing is Good and Insects such as PMDs, Green Drakes, Caddis, Golden Stones and Blue Wing Olives are still showing . Carpenter Ants have re-appeared, and when the fish see one overhead, they will be all over them.  Not a bad idea to fish them down below too.  Streamer fishing along the edges will get you the largest fish.  Fish in the Truckee travel around looking for cool water temperature, so look for springs and inlets to find the most fish.

Good patterns to try are those that represent larval stages of PMDs, Blue Wing Olives and Caddis larva.    Don't forget to try patterns that represent Green Drakes, Golden Stones, and Worms.  We have reports that passionate pink San Juan Worms under an indicator along the edges are catching fish.  The biggest fish are caught by stripping streamers along the seams, edges and eddies. 

Recomended Patterns

Parachute/tan or pale yellow #16 & #18, Extended Body Green Drake #12,  Stimulator/Yellow #8 & #10, Humpy/yellow #14 & #16

Pheasant Tail #12, #14 & #16, San Juan Worm/passionate pink, Golden Stone Nymph #8,, #10, & #12, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Prince Nymph (various sizes), Wooly Bugger/rusty, black, Glow Bug/red.


Updated - 7/18/17

Current River Conditions: Flows remain around 100 CFS and the river is easily crossable, though be careful and use a wading staff. 

Recent reports at the shop are that fishing is very good though unfortunately you will probably have lots of company.  The evening bite on top is very good.  Fish are now in their usual holding lies along undercuts and in the seams.  San Juan Worms can get you fish and so can scudds. If you see Golden Stone shucks on the rocks that's a good sign to try a Stimulator dry and maybe a PT dropper.  You may see a few Green Drakes sailing in the flats so it would be a good idea to have either a Green Drake parachute or even better a Green Drake cripple pattern in your fly box, just in case.  Additionally one client observed some large gray mayflies about #10 in the current. Midge nymph and pupa patterns are always a staple on the Little Truckee and should be a part of any multi fly nymph rig.​

This is a good river to fish with a guide your first time out so give us a call at the shop and we will hook you up . . . no pun intended. 

Recomended Patterns

Parachute PMD pale yellow #16 & #18, Extended Body Green Drake #12,  Stimulator/Yellow #8 & #10, Humpy/yellow #14 & #16, Parachute Blue Wing Olive #18.

Pheasant Tail #12, #14 #16 & #18, San Juan Worm/pink, Golden Stone Nymph #8,, #10, & #12, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16

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