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Trout still being caught at Los Vaqueros

WON Staff Writer
Published: Sep 07, 2017
LIVERMORE While stripers and catfish are making up the bulk of the catch at Los Vaqueros Reservoir, plenty of trout also are being caught. “Trout fishing has slowed, but guys are still catching trout,” said Brian DeMunnick of Los Vaqueros Marina. “We are not seeing as many limits.”

STRIPERS ARE BITING at Los Vaqueros, and WON reader Susumu Agari headed over there for the first time last week and had his limit of stripers by 7:30 a.m. This 4 pounder was caught in Cowboy Cove using a grey Rapala and a trout rod, he said.


Anglers soaking Power Bait in South Cove and Howden Cove are still getting several trout a day. Pe Kam El Nakar of Brentwood caught a 6.1-pound rainbow on Aug. 29 in South Cove on a nightcrawler.

The water temperature jumped from 74 degrees to 77 degrees over the weekend. The reservoir remains at 95-percent full. “We are in that heat wave,” DeMunnick said Sunday. “Today was only 106. It was 115 yesterday. It was 114 the day before.”

Striper fishing is good throughout the lake. DeMunnick said boils have been observed at South Cove, Cowboy Cove, Peninsula Cove and at the marina. “They are almost everywhere,” he said. Anchovies are tricking stripers, while topwater lures also are working during the boils.

“A lot of keepers are in the mix,” DeMunnick said. “There are a lot more 20 to 22 inchers.”

Cowboy Cove remains the hot spot for catfish, although South Cove also is producing nice cats. Anchovies, chicken liver and nightcrawlers are all working.

More than 10,000 pounds of catfish have been planted this season. Trout plants will resume once the water temperature drops below 70 degrees.

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