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Tiny Truxton Lake yields 28-pound catfish

WON Staff Writer
Published: Oct 25, 2017
BAKERSFIELD — Most anglers know you don’t necessarily need to fish big water to catch big fish, and that’s especially true when it comes to catfish. In Bakersfield and surrounding areas, plenty of bruiser cats are caught in places like the Aqueduct, Lake Isabella, Buena Vista Lakes and so on, but recently, a local angler plucked a trophy catfish out of a little lake right in the middle of town.

“FINALLY CAUGHT MY TROPHY” — Bakerfield angler Ivery Sheppard winched this 28-pound mackerel-eating catfish out of Truxton Lake.


Bakersfield angler Ivery Sheppard typically fishes Truxton Lake in the winter for crappie, but he brought out the heavy gear and decided to chase catfish there on a recent outing. While fishing the “Big Side” of the Kern River-fed lake with a hunk of mackerel on 20-pound test, he connected with a monster catfish that took him for a ride before tipping the scale at 28 pounds.

He admits that Truxton is not his first choice for targeting whiskerfish.

“I was targeting catfish, and I’ve got a few nice ones out of there (Truxton Lake), but it’s not as consistent as other lakes,” said Sheppard.

He also said it seems like the fishing has improved quite a bit since the rainy season, and he was at it again at Truxton Lake the next day and landed an 8 pounder.

Truxton Lake is a small lake right in the middle of Bakersfield that was added to WON’s area of coverage about a year ago. It also has largemouth bass, crappie, bluegill and carp.

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