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 November 22, 2017


I Hope that everyone and their families have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

The Fishing has still been Great in many of the Eastern Sierras Streams, The East

Walker is still kicking out some Trophy Fish and decent numbers. Upper Owens has some migratory trout moving upstream above benton bridge. Lower Owens Flows dropping, and Drift boat fishing is now a Great Option! The weather has been amazing in the valley's and looks to stay this was for the next week!

Crowley Lake

Midges:  Tiger Midges, Blood Midges, Flash Pupa, Shaft Emerger

Streamers & Nymphs: Perch Fry, Balanced Leeches

Crowley Lake is closed For the season. Thanks to all that came out and fished with me this season!

It was a very fun season with the higher water levels. I am Looking forward to doing it again next year! I am already starting to Prime Dates for next Season, reserve yours soon!


East Walker River

Flows: 50 CFS Outflow from Bridgeport Reservoir

Dries: E/C Cutter Caddis, Madam X, Fat Albert, Comparadun

Nymphs:  Brooks Baetis nymph, CDC Pheasent Tail, Sweet Pea Nymph, Fusion Nymph, Midges, Buckskin, G6 Caddis, Radiation Baetis, Higa's SoS Nymph

Streamers:  Crayfish, Bow River Bugger, Sex Dungeon, Yellow Bunny Leeches

   The Flows are down near winter release rates, lets hope it stays here and doesn't continue to drop. The fishing has still been good, I have been finding fish in many of the fast aerated riffle sections and also around structured areas in the river. The upper section of the river has fished good all fall and continues to kick out good numbers of rainbows and some browns. The lower sections of the river have also been fishing well with the lower flows and there are some great sections of river to explore. It will soon start to be a winter game, with the cooling weather. We will start to see more consistent BWO and Midge Hatches through out the day. Now is still a great time of the year to spend a day on this river! Any cast can lead to the fish of the lifetime on this river! I will be Guiding this river through the winter dependent on flows. 


Upper Owens River

Flows: 67 CFS Above HC Confluence

             94 CFS Below HC Confluence

Dries:  Stimulator, Barr's Hopper

Nymphs: Fusion Nymph, Copper John, San Juan Worm , Jigged Prince Nymph, 

Streamers: Sam's Baitfish, Bunny Leechs, Seal Buggers, Olive Zonker, Simi-Seal leeches

​  The Fishing on the Upper has been Great lately, There are several pods of Rainbow & Brown trout that have migrated out of Crowley and into the river. There are also pods of the DFW Stocked fish that are very active to grab a fly between searching for the bigs. This is the first push of fish this Fall and we will see many more pushes of Large Crowley lake trout through the winter months. Dress warm as it can be very cold out here some days. I am ready to have a fun winter chasing these fish, I will be guiding this fishery all winter long. If you are interested in fishing in the snow for huge trout this is the place for you! 


Lower Owens River

Flows: 399 cfs 

Dries: Comparadun, Baetis Sparkle Dun, Olive RS-2 , Griffiths Gnat, Parachute Midge

Nymphs: Hogans S&M Nymph, Ju-Ju Baetis, WD-40, Barr Emerger, Mercer's Micro-may

Streamers: Rj Special , Hornbergs, Matuka,  Gray/Silver Buggers

   Flows are dropping, Drift boat fishing is getting Good, Be careful wading.

 The flows are finally starting to drop, after a long summer with very high flows. This river has not had a flush like this one in close to 10 years. The river has changed in certain sections, which makes it fun to learn again. These high flows will remove all of the built up silt and sediment from the bottom, and also create some new holding areas for the fish. These fish have also not seen many flies in around 5 months, so i am sure they will be grabby if you find the water were they are holding in. I am currently doing drift trips and will keep an updated report on this area. Come experience the Lower Owens in a whole new way!


Hot Creek

Special Regulations: Barbless Artifical, Catch and Release Only. PLEASE DO NOT WADE!

Flows: 17 CFS

Dries:  Hopper, Caddis, Hot Creek Caddis, Rs-2, Parachute Adams

Nymphs: Scuds, Tungsten Caddis Larva, Walts Worm, Mercers Micro May, G6 caddis

Streamers: Muddler Minnow, Matuka, Balanced Leeches

The Creek is back down to its normal fall levels. There aren't as many fish as pre-drought but there are definitely still some good fish around. The fishing has been more quality over quantity, but working the small slots can provide some excellent action. Tight Line Nymphing and Dry-droppers have been the best techniques for fishing right now.

Great news for Hot Creek, A Stocking program has been put together to help restore the creek back to the 12,000 trout per mile stream that it once was. On October 6th, 2016 the first stocking took place. The plans are to stock 12,000 trout per year 8,000 Rainbow trout in the Spring and 4,000 Brown trout each Fall for the next 2 years. Know lets hope that we have a few good winters in a row and Hot Creek should be fishing excellent again. If you are going to fish HC this Fall or winter please be careful and respect these small Trout, these are the future of our Fishery.


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