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The Fun Continues on the Yellowstone River! – Fishing Report

Courtesy of Sweetwater Fly Shop
August 15, 2017  By Dan Gigone 

The Yellowstone River continues to fish very well with hoppers, Chubbys, other attractor dries, and smaller terrestrials (and nymph droppers, if you don’t want to go “dry or die”). When the conditions are just right (warm, a bit breezy), you will still find trout stacked up right on the banks, even in inches of water, waiting for the next juicy hopper to float by. If you’re not getting takes up against the banks, try putting your casts a few feet farther out, at the first drop off (look for darker water).

The rains over the last couple of days have cleared the air of smoke. On the other hand, rain up in Yellowstone National Park has caused flows on the Lamar River to shoot up. That usually means mud. As of 6 last evening, the water was still nice and clear up at Corwin Springs, the Pine Creek webcam looks great as I write this, and we had a report from up in Gardiner this morning that the river is still clear up there. The mud’s got to be on its way, right? Stay tuned for more information; we’ll update as conditions change. But for now, you should be A-Ok for today, especially if you stay low in the Paradise Valley or go downstream of Livingston.

I fished the Yellowstone River again yesterday up above Yankee Jim Canyon. The fishing seemed a bit slow only in comparison to last week’s “hopper blitz. I still managed to land around 12 or 15 trout on gold More-or-Less, yellow and pink Morrish, and pink Thunder Thighs hoppers, as well as a brown and black Rubberlegs nymph dropper. You know the river is fishing well when that much success is somewhat disappointing! I also fished the Rude Trude pretty hard as a dropper most of the day, with not so much success.

Here’s a short video fishing report of the day’s action:

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