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The Fly Shop's® Regional Fish Report

Courtesy of The Fly Shop
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Report: Keswick flows remain at 4,000 CFS. The recent great weather is an anomaly and with warmth and sunshine on tap for the next ten days we feel very fortunate. The fishing has been very good with Brachycentrus Caddis, Baetis and PMD's comprising the bulk of the hatches with some of the larger Hydropsyche Caddis thrown in on occasion. These can vary day to day and the best action has been mid day to early afternoon. Good flies are the Black Silvey's Caddis, Crackback PMDs, Black Micro Mays, Black Micro Poopahs and Bird's Nests. When the insects start coming off look for fish in the faster, shallower water, the heads of riffles and drop offs hold a lot of fish too. When they really get going look for noses poking up so you can throw some dries.

Hot Flies:  
Dry Flies:
Low Water Baetis - #18, Mayfly Cripple - Limestone #18, Mercer's Missing Link - #16, Norman's Loopwing - BWO 

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
CB Birds Nest - #14, Hogan's S&M - #16, Mercer's Micro May - #14-16 Brown, Mercer's Poxy Back PMD - #16, GB Flashback Pheasant Tail - #16, Gordon's Amber Wing Prince - #14-18, GB Superflash PT - Pearl #18, Pat's Rubber Legs - #4-8 

Micro Spawn - Peachy King, Shrimp Pink, Boles Bazookas - Shrimp Pink, Peachy King


Report: Lewiston releases remain 300 CFS. We still have fish in the river. Although the tributaries from Rush Creek on down are still flowing, the river is low and clear. We are stil seeing some good numbers of adults all the way up to Lewiston. There are some good mayfly hatches happening on warm days, March Browns and Callibaetis mainly. The Golden Stones are running around, so that would be a good fly to have on your setup if you are nymphing. The overall flows down below Burnt Ranch are high enough that we should continue to see some fish making it up over the falls into the upper river. 
Shuttle Services:
• Bill & Caryl Dickens (Gold Coast Shuttle) at 530-623-1905 or through their website at

Hot Flies:  
Dry Flies:
Harrop's Last Chance Cripple - #18 

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Mercer's Tungsten October Pupa, Morrish October Pupa, Skip's TB October Caddis, Mercer's Poxyback GB Hares Ears - #8-14, Black Copper John - #12-14, TB Solitude Stone - #8, Red Copper John #12-14 - #8, Pat's Rubber Legs - Brown & Black #6-8 

Clown Egg - #4-10, M.C. Redd Reapers, Micro Spawn Eggs - Pink & Salmon Egg, Boles Bazookas - #8

Streamers & Leeches:
Beadhead Crystal Buggers - Any, CH Kiwi Muddlers, Freshwater Clouser - Any


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