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The Fly Shop's® Regional Fish Report

Courtesy of The Fly Shop
The Fly Shop, Inc.
4140 Churn Creek Road
Redding, California 96002-3629
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Updated Jan 30, 2018

The Fly Shop's® Regional Stream Report

There are several hundred miles of rivers, creeks, lakes and streams within easy striking distance of The Fly Shop® in Redding.

It's not surprising that quite a bit of water is set aside as fly fishing only, catch-and-release, with special closures and regulations designed to help ensure that the fishing around here will stay good for generations. The Fly Shop staff will custom-tailor the day and guide to your ability and interests, putting you on the best local water.

Trout and steelhead fishing here isn't a season; it's a way of life at The Fly Shop®, and we've got fine fishing nearly 365 days of the year. Whether it's a beautiful spring or fall day, blistering hot mid-summer afternoon, or snow-covered winter morning, we've got the staff and the guides that can handle it. We'll also help with flies and equipment, lodging, and transportation if you need it.

Updated:  January 30, 2018

Report: Releases are steady at 4,000 CFS. We've had some great hatches the past couple of days, March Browns and Caddis, both Brachycentrus and Hydropsyche, the small black caddis and larger Spotted Sedges we see in summer. This is a good omen for the health of the river. You can catch some fish rising if you keep your eyes open and look in the right areas. Right now the best flies remain Midge patterns #16-18, Baetis nymphs, Black Silvey’s and Cinnamon Poopahs. With the great weather we're experiencing, the river will continue to fish well over the next week and a half.

Hot Flies: 
Dry Flies:
Low Water Baetis - #18, Mayfly Cripple - Limestone #18, Mercer's Missing Link - #16, Norman's Loopwing - BWO

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
CB Birds Nest - #14, Hogan's S&M - #16, Mercer's Micro May - #14-16 Brown, Mercer's Poxy Back PMD - #16, GB Flashback Pheasant Tail - #16, Gordon's Amber Wing Prince - #14-18, GB Superflash PT - Pearl #18, Pat's Rubber Legs - #4-8

Micro Spawn - Peachy King, Shrimp Pink, Boles Bazookas - Shrimp Pink, Peachy King

Upated:  January 30, 2018

Report: Lewiston releases remain 300 CFS. The river came up a little, got some color, and has dropped slightly from the last storm. We hare seeing good numbers of fish from Lewiston down to the North Fork confluence. The river is very clear, so the fish are holding in some deeper holes especially on clear days. There are some good mayfly hatches occurring, so make sure you have some Pheasant Tails or brown Mercer Micro Mays along. Rubberlegs or Golden Stone nymphs are working too.
Shuttle Services:
• Bill & Caryl Dickens (Gold Coast Shuttle) at 530-623-1905 or through their website at

Hot Flies: 
Dry Flies:
Harrop's Last Chance Cripple - #18

Nymphs/Wet Flies:
Mercer's Tungsten October Pupa, Morrish October Pupa, Skip's TB October Caddis, Mercer's Poxyback GB Hares Ears - #8-14, Black Copper John - #12-14, TB Solitude Stone - #8, Red Copper John #12-14 - #8, Pat's Rubber Legs - Brown & Black #6-8

Clown Egg - #4-10, M.C. Redd Reapers, Micro Spawn Eggs - Pink & Salmon Egg, Boles Bazookas - #8

Streamers & Leeches:
Beadhead Crystal Buggers - Any, CH Kiwi Muddlers, Freshwater Clouser - Any


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