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The Fly Shop's® Regional Fish Report

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The Fly Shop's® Regional Stream Report

There are several hundred miles of rivers, creeks, lakes and streams within easy striking distance of The Fly Shop® in Redding.

It's not surprising that quite a bit of water is set aside as fly fishing only, catch-and-release, with special closures and regulations designed to help ensure that the fishing around here will stay good for generations. The Fly Shop staff will custom-tailor the day and guide to your ability and interests, putting you on the best local water.

Trout and steelhead fishing here isn't a season; it's a way of life at The Fly Shop®, and we've got fine fishing nearly 365 days of the year. Whether it's a beautiful spring or fall day, blistering hot mid-summer afternoon, or snow-covered winter morning, we've got the staff and the guides that can handle it. We'll also help with flies and equipment, lodging, and transportation if you need it.

Lower Sacramento River

Updated: 01/08/18

The Sacramento River below Shasta Dam - known as the Lower Sacramento, or "Lower Sac" - has to be rated as among the best tailwater fisheries in the country.

Current River Conditions: The winter releases from Keswick Dam have been dropped to 4,000 cfs several days ago. This has opened more riffles and runs to fish. With the active weather pattern we are seeing some Baetis hatching in the midday through the afternoons with scattered caddis at times. WE are still picking up some of the hatchery steelhead below Anderson. If you are fishing lower in the river make sure you have on an egg pattern. Otherwise, Amberwing Princes, #16 Bird's Nest, and olive Baetis nymphs like S&M's, Micro Mays and X-Mays are getting it done.

The Fly Shop's® Tips: We are seeing fish spread out and in some locations we haven't seen in many years. The high flows this past winter scoured out most of the weeds that harbored an abundant population of swimming mayflies, midges and craneflies. With the rearrangement of the cobble, the insects that survived to any degree seem to be mainly clinging riffle dwellers such as the Hydrospyche Caddis, Yellow Sallie Stoneflies, Salmonflies and Baetis Mayflies. In addition to the food, the weeds also provided respite from flows and protection from avian predators What does all of this mean? Don't pass up any water to find fish. Look in fast, shallow riffles, drop offs and semi-turbulent glassy flats and you'll get hooked up. The banks harbor some good places as well. Change up your patterns based upon where you're fishing to find the right combination and you will get tight!

Shuttle Services:
•  Duane Milleman at 530-515-2272

River Fact: How did the Sacramento River get it's name? In 1808, Spanish explorer Gabriel Moraga, on a journey to find suitable sites for the construction of missions, became the first foreigner to see the river clearly. Judging its huge breadth and power he named it Rio de los Sacramentos, or "River of the Blessed Sacrament". The Sacramento drains an area of about 27,500 square miles or 71,000 km2 that is comprised of the northern half of California.

Water Flows:
•  Lower Sacramento Flows

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry flies:
•  Low Water Baetis - #18
•  Mayfly Cripple - Limestone #18
•  Mercer's Missing Link #16
•  Norman's Loop Wing BWO

Nymphs / Wet Flies:
•  CB Birds Nest - #14
•  Hogan's S&M - #16
•  Mercer's Micro May - #14-16 Brown
•  Mercer's Poxy Back PMD #16
•  GB Flashback Pheasant Tail #16
•  Gordon's Amber Wing Prince #14-18
•  GB Superflash PT - Pearl #18
•  Pat's Rubber Legs - #4-8

•  Micro Spawn - Peachy King, Shrimp Pink
•  Boles Bazookas- Shrimp Pink, Peachy King
•  Roe Gain Egg- Light Roe

Fly Fishing Gear:
•  The Fly Shop's® Signature H2O Indicator Rod
•  SA Mastery Anadro
•  Simms® Solar Shirt/TFS Logo
•  Loon Scissor Forceps
•  An indicator that suspends heavy split shot!
•  Dinsmore Non-Toxic Egg Shot - AAA & SSG

Be careful driving in Redding, CA.
You may want to call Shasta Premier Transportation and avoid the hassle of driving in Redding, after all the changes recently, even if you have been in Redding before, many of the streets have changed in number of lanes or now have center dividers. Call Jodi at (530) 440-6621

Klamath River

Updated: 01/04/18

When The Fly Shop® opened its doors in 1978 the Klamath River was one of the primary guided angling destinations that we offered.

Current River Conditions: Iron Gate releases remain relatively steady at 900 CFS. Fishing remains good with good numbers of adult steelhead around. Dead drifting salmonfly nymph and egg patterns have been the most effective techniques. With the rain we will be getting over the next week or so, the section up top should remain a good choice over the next few weeks.

Contact us about the Klamath River or call 800-669-3474.

The Fly Shop's® Tips: Fishing egg patterns in orange, pink or champagne get's fly rods bent. Suspend your egg patterns under rubber legs, 3-D nymphs should get you into fish.

Fly rods from 6wt to 7wt are perfect in lengths of 9' to 9'.5. Switch rods are popular and make casting very easy. Spey rods fit in well on the Klamath river.

Road Conditions:
No restrictions at this time, but winter storms will change that. Call 1-800.427.7623 for up to date Northern California Road Conditions. Here's a link to Cal-Trans Road Conditions: Click Here.

River Fact: The Klamath river is 263 miles long, originating in a broad valley at the eastern slope of the southern High Cascades, the water source is Upper Klamath Lake. Sometimes called "the upside down river", the upper Klamath in Oregon is largely developed, but the lower Klamath is still wild, forested and ruggedly beautiful. Next to the Klamath, the only river that originates in a desert and flows into the coastal forests of the pacific west is the Pit River.

Water Flows:
•  Klamath River Flows

Suggested Fly Patterns:

Dry flies:
No Dry Fly Happening

Nymphs / Wet Flies:
•  Articulated Marabou Leech
•  Amber Wing Prince #14-18
•  Red Copper Johns #14-18
•  3-D Nymphs #8-10
•  S.A.L.T. Stone #6
•  Pat's Rubberlegs #4-8

•  Glo-Bug Yarn
•  Redd Reaper - Champagne
•  Clown Egg #4-10
•  Micro Spawn - Shrimp Pink
•  Micro Spawn - Salmon Egg
•  Boles Bazookas (All)

Fly Fishing Gear:
•  Shimazaki Pump Spray
•  Shimazaki Dry-Shake Primer - Must Have!
•  Sunglasses
•  Leaders

Trinity River

 Updated: 01/08/18

The Trinity River is the major tributary to the Klamath River, and stretches 110 river miles from Lewiston Dam downstream to its confluence with the Klamath at Weitchpec.

Current River Conditions: Lewiston releases remain 300 CFS. This shot of rain is the first since Thanksgiving and it has done wonders for the fishing bumping the river up modestly and adding some much needed color to pull those fish out of the deep holes. We are seeing a new injection of adults enter the upper Trinity and fishing above Junction City has been very good with great numbers of adults. The rain should also move a lot of fish that were staging below Gray Falls, so if you are looking to get out and fish, now is the time to go. Top patterns have been Amber Wing Princes and Flashback Pheasant Tails, but with the new arrivals in a river with added color Rubberlegs and egg patterns will get them to bite.

 You should check out our new spey rods. They are 13' of pure joy and happiness.

Shuttle Services:
•  Bill & Caryl Dickens (Gold Coast Shuttle) at 530-623-1905 or through their website at

Call us to set up your fishing trip on the Trinity River: 800-669-3474! Or just send us an email.

Road Conditions:
No major restrictions at this time, but winter storms will change that. Call 1-800.427.7623 for up to date Northern California Road Conditions. Here's a link to Cal-Trans Road Conditions for HWY 299: Click Here.

The Fly Shop's® Tips: Focus on fishing the lip or top end of riffles and the tail-outs. These areas of the river seem to hold the most aggressive fish. If there's a lot of boat traffic, then the steelhead will most likely be found in the deeper sections and along the edges of the riffles and runs. The steelhead have been eating Black Rubber Legs, #12-14 Red and/or Black Copper Johns, various October Caddis Nymphs and egg patterns like Boles Bazookas, Micro Spawn Eggs.

River Fact: Sad to say, but Grateful Dead singer Jerry Garcia's father drowned in the Trinity River. While on vacation with his family near Arcata in Northern California in 1947, his father went fly-fishing in the Trinity River. Upon entering he slipped on a rock, plummeting into the deep rapids of the river. By the time he was pulled from the water, he had already drowned.

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