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The Angler's Edge Fishing Outlook

Well, doing this on the tablet this evening. So if there are typos (my internet lisp rearing its’ ugly head), my apologies.
East walker flows are dropping and its at 237-ish this evening. Crossing is still difficult. Both sides, the CA and The NV are fishing very well. Streamers really are the way to go. Dead drift with a strike indicator to maintain depth, just above the bottom of the river bed, then strip back. Caddis pupa, Red or black copper johns, PTs, Hares ear and the san juan of course are always a great rig to go with.
East Carson’s CA & NV, flows had a pop and a bit of a blow out this past week... water is finally clearing. Above Hangman’s bridge, they stock about a gazillion pounds of fish, from 7 pounds and below. NV side is still fishing very nicely above and below the dam. Again streamers are a go to.
West Carson stocked about 10 days ago, with the Desert Springs fish along with a stocking of little LCTs. Pocket water requires a hopper dropper set up.
Heenan, fish are between 18 and 23 feet. With the cooler weather, it may make them come up a little higher. Cooler weather is also helping to clear up the suspended algae. Black leaches, black buggers, prince, zug bugs, zebra midges, red copper johns on a type IV - VI line. An intermediate will also get to it, with a few split shots 12” above the top fly.
West Walker was stocked last week. Flows are fabulous. Water is cool. Prince nymph. If you want dry action, look at an orange stimi and a red or black copper john.
Pyramid Lake. Were getting reports from those that have gotten their 2018 licenses online, where its stating that opener is on the 15th. We believe that this is a typo. Speaking to the Wardens ( due to the business office being closed today), they have no idea where that came from, and stated that all they know, is that it opens the 1st and also believe it's a typo. Monday we should have a hard answer. Reports of some pretty large bait balls are hanging offshore. Lets make sure you wear a PFD out there if your on any type of water craft this year. We also know that DAGO and HOWARD’S are closed, along with 9 MILE and north... meaning: Monument is closed.
Topaz Lake, Mason Valley and several other waters close the end of this month due to duck hunting season. So be sure to read those regs!
ICR (Indian Creek Reservoir) we haven’t had to many reports, but now with this cool down (I am not ready for this!), fish will start heading closer to shore to start fattening up. Black, white, cinnamon stick buggers are a favorite of mine out there this time of year.
NV stocked this week:
09/19/17- 2,018 9.8”Cuttbows Knott Creek Reservoir
09/20/17 - 503 10.8” Kamloops Wilson Common
09/20/17 - 503 10.8” Kam;loops WA Davis Creek Park Pond
09/20/17 - 503 10.8” Kamloops WA Marilyn's Pond
09/21/17 - 352 10.8”Kamloops LY Mountain View
09/21/17 -5 553 10.8” Kamloops DO Mitch Pond
9/21/17 - 603 10.8” Kamloops CC Baily pond
RB 09/22/17 - 2,006 4.1” Triploid Rainbow HU Blue Lakes
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