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The Angler's Edge Fishing Outlook

A little update on some of the waters that just opened and will be opening: Hwy 89 Monitor Pass opened on the 5th. HEENAN is open Friday, Sat., & Sun.
Sunrise to sunset until the last Sunday in October, the 29th
PYRAMID Lake opens October first. Speaking with the Tribal Licensing Office, Online licenses should be available for a pre-purchase on the 18th of September. Paper licenses available on the 25th (If the printer gets them done).
HEENAN Opener... So we’re just waiting for a report on what and if they were hitting on anything. Typical go to flies: Prince nymph, black bugger, blood midges, damsels, leaches.
O'BANION'S ASPEN LAKE Algae is blooming closed for now
E. CARSON: CA: Flows: Running between 194 above Hangman's (along hwy 89/4) Really nice flows. Alpine County stocked last week for the holiday weekend, there are still a few left Buggers in olive or black, prince nymphs and PT's. CATCH & RELEASE section (downstream at Hangman's Bridge) About 15 cfs coming in from Markleeville creek creating flows little higher than above the bridge. Fishing reports have been sporadic. Buggers (of course), princes, san juans, little yellow stones, psycho prince, stimulators in orange or yellow.
E. CARSON: NV: Flows: 203 cfs flows are wonderful, the 3,200 fish NDOW stocked a few weeks ago are still catchable. Buggers in olive or black
W. CARSON: Flows 47 Alpine County stocked last week. Some of the little wilds have been showing up in the pocket water, fun to throw a little Elk Hair Caddis and have them wack at it!
E. WALKER: Miracle Mile, CA: Flows out of the headwall of Bridgeport Reservoir are 302 and bouncing a few cfs. Not crossable in a lot of places. They're pretty happy with taking just about anything for the streamers and nymphs. Go ahead experiment and try a nymph you’ve never tried
E. WALKER: NV Flows about 312 cfs: Flows are higher than out of Bridgeport, due to an average of 15 cfs from Sweetwater creek. Still not a lot of places that you can cross. Stones, buggers like the Nevada Hooker did well, be adventurous and through the biggest ugly thing you've got!!
E. WALKER: NV ELBOW AREA Flows 312 cfs. Stocked by NDOW, with 1,728 rainbow trout on 9/7
WEST WALKER : CA: Flows: running about 195cfs In the Canyon along 395, This has been stocked by Mono County and CA. A lot of fish, so go looking for them away from the crowds, Water looks great. Dead drift a bunker buster (come into the shop for a famous diagram , little yellow stones, orange stimi’s.
WEST WALKER NV (Hoye Canyon): Private property, no longer open to the public. Open to public in Wilson Canyon on Hwy 208
WILSON CANYON, WEST WALKER: Stocked by NDOW on the 6th with 2048 rainbows.
TOPAZ: Still a lot of water in the lake, which is pleasant to see about 50,000 acre feet. Fish Bass fishing is still a bit sporadic. Fish were rising to dries early in the morning around 9 am on the south end. I'd be ..throwing.. wait for it.... a mosquito!
SPOONER: Pretty Weedy! Leach patterns, Prince Nymphs, zugbugs, red or black zebra midges, prince, PT's, martis midges, buggers in black, purple and white. Catch a chub, kill it. (and you'll catch lots of those)
DESERT CREEK: Stocked a week ago, the bulk of hte campers should be gone. Nice water. They'll happily take a dry, madam X EHC, a small hopper, Royal Wulff.
HOBART: ALL ROADS in are CLOSED. You'll have to hike in or ride a bike.
INDIAN CREEK: Still a lot of fish, but nothing off the hook there. Weed beds and algae are there again, but that's to be expected. It's still a mystery as to why the fishing isn't better. Bait guys doing better in the morning and fly guys better in the late afternoon/evening. BURNSIDE: The mosquitoes are plentiful. Not stocked
KIRMAN: Winter kill 15/16 really put a hurting on this lake. Last year, reports into this shop was ONE brookie was caught, and the LCT population was way way down. So rumors and hearsay, is that CA will be stocking 20,000 fingerling brookies. It is amazing that, that will happen, lets cross our fingers. So spread the word, catch a brookie, let it go, let's get that population back up!
BRIDGEPORT RES: Go hit this water, A lot of fish in here! Report that it had suspended algae but there are fish to be had. Intermediate or type III line. Lots of trophy fish have been caught, so there are a lot of big fish left and just waiting for you! Olive buggers, Red zebra midges, black buggers, black rainbow warriors, dead drift crawfish.
DESERT CREEK: Stocked a week ago, the bulk of the campers should be gone. Nice water. They'll happily take a dry, madam X, EHC, a small hopper, Royal Wulff. deaddrift crawfish, buggers, the standard sierra fare (or a big ugly). Use a clear indicator if deaddrifting.
ASSORTED REPORTS: Let us know if there are waters that you want reports on! We'll place them here.

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