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Ted Fay Report : November 21, 2017

5732 Dunsmuir Ave. Dunsmuir, CA 96025 | 530.235.2969 |

A heads up for those of you thinking about stopping by the shop any time soon, the store is currently closed for a well needed Thanksgiving vacation and will reopen November 29. Once it is open again be prepared for remodeling work, the building owner is not only putting in short term rentals (think VRBO over the shop) upstairs but he is also upgrading the shop floor and plumbing. Bottom line you can still do your Christmas shopping at The Ted Fay Fly Shop, Bob will be present offering presents.

Although the general trout season is over for most of our local rivers the Upper Sac continues to be open and will do so all winter. It has been fishing good its entire length. Stimulator/dropper is working mid to upper river along with a variety of nymphs. The lower river on those long slicks is always good for a Baetis hatch particularly on the cloudy days. My favorite nymphs for this time of year are Caddis Poopahs, S&M's, Micro Mayflies, Soft Hackles and the trusty LEGS. Takes can be slower than you might be used to so get twitchy and set on the slightest movement. It has been raining so best to time your outings when the river is dropping. Long range weather forecast is showing a good stretch of dry mild weather coming soon .... my suggestion would be DO IT rather than think about it!

Steelhead fishing continues to get better with each storm that moves through. The rain has been such that nothing is blowing out on the Klamath River and fresh fish are moving in, they are being caught under a bobber or swinging, in the boat, out of the boat....whatever. This year has been a complete opposite of the terrible conditions last year ....  there are fish, the weather has cooperated and no crowds. Give us a shout if any of this tickles you .... trout and steelhead, whatever!


Rick Cox

Wild Waters Fly Fishing  

If you have any further questions please call the shop and when you are in the area stop in and bug Bob.

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