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Surprise striped bass sneaks into impressive San Vicente Reservoir score

WON Staff Writer
Published: Oct 19, 2017
LAKESIDE — Fishing has improved across the board with quality starting to catch up with quantity on the largemouth scene – and they are eating more reaction baits of late – bluegill fishing solid for a good month, rumors of big catfish catches becoming more common, and now, striped bass have entered the picture. Well, one of them anyway.


 JAILBREAK! — These largemouth, and yes, a lone striped bass, highlighted an impressive 30 plus-fish score (all released) hauled in by Brian Hess (pictured) and Cory Stenovec at San Vicente Reservoir.

La Mesa angler Brian Hess hit San V with his buddy, Cory Stenovec for the last couple hours of Friday when a little jailbird was nabbed along with an impressive collection of largemouth.

“Fishing was really good, we caught a good 30 fish,” said Hess. “I was reeling a little swimbait, and that striper ate it about five feet from the boat. My buddy and I were cracking up. We took a few pics at the end of the day and the fish were all released.”

Hess said all the fish they caught that day were via blind casting “little swimbaits” and underspins.

Striped bass coming out of San V are not historically unheard of, but this is likely the first one reported as caught since the lake reopened. Mixed reactions are coming out of the angling community ranging from digging the idea of striped bass being available in a San Diego City lake to worry about what their presence can do to existing fish populations, especially largemouth bass.

San V largies can still be caught deep on Texas rigs and drop-shots, but that slow worm bite has actually tapered off a bit but the reaction-bait thing is becoming more prevalent with topwater – including frogs – and cranks accounting for more biters early and late in the day. It’s clearly the result of more bass hanging out closer to the surface chasing silversides all over the main body of the lake.

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