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Steelhead action improves on Trinity River

Published: Nov 16, 2017
LEWISTON – Driftboaters and bank anglers are catching plenty of steelhead on the Trinity River, as fish stack up in the Junction City area and begin to feast on eggs from spawning salmon.

TRINITY STEELHEAD ARE in the river and hungry, and Charlene Burgi from Adin, Calif., caught this beauty side-drifting roe on the Trinity River while fishing with guide Steve Huber of Steve Huber Guide Service of Douglas City last week.

“The water came up and the fish definitely stirred up,” said guide Steve Huber of Steve Huber’s Guide Service. “The water helped stir the fish up and move them around.” Steelhead between 4 to 6 pounds are spread throughout the entire river, Huber said, with an occasional 8 pounder. The fish are running around 50 percent wild and 50 percent hatchery.

“November is a solid month for the fish that come in over the summer,” Huber said. “The winter-run fish will come in January and February.”

Huber said he has been drifting roe, as the steelhead are feeding on single eggs from the spawning kings, and also running 3.0 and 3.5 MagLip plugs.

“I’m using a 3.0 MagLip if it is shallower water or the tailout, and if they are in the big holes I’m running 3.5 MagLips,” Huber said.

Bank angler are doing well, especially along Highway 299 in the Junction City area. “A lot of the guys who don’t have a boat are out throwing Blue Fox spinners and they are doing good on steelhead,” Huber said. “Change the trebles to a single hook so you don’t get hung up on the rocks.” Some anglers also are drifting spoons in the riffles from shore, Huber said.

“There is a ton of access,” Huber said of bank fishing. “That’s why the Junction City area is so inundated. There are fish in it and there is a lot of access from the highway. It is fairly easy so that makes it good.”

Flows over the weekend were 294 cfs at Lewiston, 363 cfs at Douglas City, 390 cfs at Junction City and 1,540 cfs at Hoopa.

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