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Southern Nevada Fishing Report

Courtesy of NDOW

Updated: 3/9/2018


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NDOW is asking boaters to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of quagga mussels from the Colorado River system to other waters. Thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and towing vessel before traveling to another water.



The reservoir has experienced its second ice off in recent weeks and is now completely open. Unfortunately, windy conditions kept all but a few adventurous folks away from the park over the weekend. But those who did cast a line caught fish. The usual baits that work are rainbow, orange or green PowerBait and night crawlers. Spinners, such as a Mepp’s, Panther Martin and Rooster Tail will also catch the fish. This water offers rainbow trout, tiger trout, brown trout and largemouth bass.



The reservoir is now clear of ice and the water level is starting to rise. Windy conditions and cool daytime temperatures have kept people away, but improving weather conditions should lead to good late winter fishing. All campgrounds are open and spring trout plants should begin in the coming weeks.



Catfish are taking anchovies in the backs of coves. Stink baits, night crawlers and chicken livers will also catch the fish. Largemouth bass are still a little harder to come by, but fishing should pick up when water temperatures increase. Ghost shad crank baits are rumored to be taking a few fish hanging around drop-offs. In the area of Government Wash, Rat-L-Traps have been producing well for the stripers.  Anglers netting shad in the Vegas Wash have been surprised to find tilapia as large as three pounds in their cast nets.



Night crawlers and plastic baits have been working well for smallmouth bass. This bite will continue to improve as the fish move up in the shallows.  Look for bass hanging around artificial habitat structures. Double digit striped bass have been showing up south of Willow Beach with anglers having success using trout imitations.



Rainbow trout are still being stocked below Davis Dam and schooling through Casino Row. Anglers are having success using PowerBait, night crawlers, and crappie jigs. Catfish as large as 5-pounds are coming out of the Big Bend area. With temperatures expected to reach the high 70s this weekend, largemouth bass will be more active in the vegetation near shore.






Ice off has occurred for the second time this season, and the reservoirs are clear. High winds and the chance of rain have kept people away from the area, so there are no current reports on fishing activity. Typically, the best fishing times are early morning and late afternoon, as the wind tends to increase between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.







Trout action should pick up and continue to improve through April as the water and daytime temperatures rise. Think small when it comes to tackle selection and the size of your bait when fishing for trout. If practicing catch-and-release, it’s best to avoid treble hooks altogether. Single barbless hooks are best. The last trout plant of the season for most of the urban fishing ponds is scheduled for this week. NDOW plans to begin its seasonal catfish plants in mid-April. Please place unwanted fishing line in a trash barrel or one of the fishing line recycling bins located in the parks.  
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