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Southern Nevada Fishing Report


Updated: 6/22/2017

Courtesy of Nevada Department of Wildlife

Upcoming Events

The Nevada Department of Wildlife will host a free Family Fishing clinic at Lorenzi Park pond Saturday, June 24 at 9 a.m.  Agency staff will focus the clinic on helping children catch sunfish. Participants will learn various ways to catch the fish using baits, lures and flies. For more information and event location in the park, contact Ivy Santee at 702-486-5127 x 3503 or visit the “Las Vegas Family Fishing Club" on Facebook. 


Quagga Reminder

NDOW is asking boaters to take the necessary precautions to prevent the spread of quagga mussels from the Colorado River system to other waters. Thoroughly clean, drain and dry your boat, trailer and towing vessel before traveling to another water.



Action has been good throughout the reservoir but has been the best in the mornings. Trout fishing slows during the afternoon while bass and crappie have been hitting well on lures and jigs. PowerBait in orange, green or rainbow remains the ticket for trout. Small lures, such as Mepp’s spinners, Rooster Tails and Panther Martins also will catch the fish.



Trout action has slowed down some over the past week. The arrival of warmer air temperatures isn’t helping, but bass and crappie are still biting throughout the day. Lures have been working better than baits for most anglers, with brown colorations working best.



With nighttime air temperatures holding in the 90-degree range, anglers have found the best action at sunrise and then again in the evening hours. This is the time when many fishermen fish under lights. Whether fishing during the day or night, go prepared with plenty of water and salty snacks. Boaters have found success while trolling for striped bass with gizzard or threadfin shad.  Shore anglers have been catching both striped and largemouth bass. If you are looking for largemouth or smallmouth bass don’t overlook coves around Echo Bay in the Overton Arm.



Boaters are catching stripers with anchovies as well as top-water lures and swimbaits. Willow Beach is giving up double-digit stripers. Largemouth and smallmouth bass are hitting crankbaits and plastics. Catfish are biting between Cottonwood Cove and Katherine Landing.



Striped bass in the 1- to 3-pound range are schooling below Davis Dam. Catfish and stripers are both biting on anchovies. Fishermen are catching catfish below Casino Row and above Big Bend. Night crawlers will catch the catfish as well as holdover rainbow trout. As with other Southern Nevada waters, anglers here are hitting the water at sunrise and after sunset to avoid the highest daytime temperatures. 






Mid-day winds have mad things difficult for anglers. Though the trout action has been on the slow side, determined anglers have found the best fishing early in the morning and just before dark. One lucky angler caught and then released a 6-pound largemouth bass. Special bass regulations are in place on area reservoirs until June 30. Aquatic vegetation is accumulating along the dam and in the vicinity of boat launch areas.







Action has been sluggish at the park ponds though some anglers have caught bluegill. Mealworms are fooling the fish. Early morning is the best time to try your luck while avoiding the high temperatures of the afternoon. Largemouth bass will be in deeper water near structure. For catfish, work the bottom with night crawlers or something smelly, like a commercial stink bait or chicken liver. Hot dog slices also will catch the fish.

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