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Southern California - Pyramid still hot for striped, black bass

WON Staff Writer
Published: Aug 02, 2017
GORMAN — It is “hot” pretty much anywhere you find yourself these days currently in Southern California when it comes strictly to temperature, but few places are as hot on the bass fishing front as Pyramid Lake at the moment, where both striped and black bass are hammering baits for the relatively few anglers out at the Gorman impoundment who are out regularly targeting them. Very quietly, Pyramid has weaved its way to hosting one of the best current overall bites of any lake in SoCal.

TROLLING AN UMBRELLA rig down the channel at Pyramid Lake did the trick for Rich Richardson on a recent trip.


The water is dirty and certainly still stained up pretty good, but the filthy agua hasn't necessarily muddied up the bite any.

“The lake's still that yucky green color,” reported guide Rusty Brown, “but the fishing is still pretty good. Guys keep getting some nice fish on frogs and there's been a bit of a punching bite with Sweet Beavers around Bear Trap and Yellow Bar that's been getting some good ones.” When there's a bit of wind blowing, throwing chartreuse or white spinnerbaits is also picking up some solid bass.

On the striper end of things, linesides have been boiling in the early morning along the banks near the launch ramp, making for some easy pickin's most mornings.

“You couldn't get 'em in the boat fast enough,” said angler Rich Richardson, who fished the 'Mid midweek. “We were getting hit every other cast moving right down the shoreline. The silver Kastmaster was just killing 'em! After those early boils, they split to deeper water and I got a few on an 8-inch trout imitation, then got another 15 fish trolling the umbrella rig down the channel and was off the water by about 10 a.m.”

Richardson also noted that the water was pretty green and funky, but wherever it's not too bad is generally holding some willing and biting fish.


AN 8-INCH SAVAGE GEAR 3D TROUT fooled a few schoolie jailbirds for Richardson too.

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