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Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report

  • September 10, 2017
  • by Andrew Jones

The fishing on Silver Lake has stayed steady this past week, after an exceptional couple of weeks previously.  While its has slowed down slightly after our 4,000 pound load of Rainbows got stocked into Silver Lake a few weeks ago, it has returned to normal catching with some very nice Rainbows coming in from both the shore and from a boat.  Anglers, as always, are seeing better action fishing early in the morning and later in the afternoons when it is cooler and those fish are more active in feeding.  Mid Day fishing will still see some decent results but you need to take your riggings deeper with a longer leader line to stay above the weed line.  Anglers continue to see some great action using all types of Berkley products from Garlic Dough Baits to Mice Tails to Garlic Pinch Crawlers and good old worms early in the mornings.  Thomas Buoyant Gold/Red, as always is the most consistent lure out there, with some good results from Gold Phoebes and frog Pattern Super Dupers.  Remember that this time of the year you need to have a longer leader line than normal as the weeds have grown throughout the summer and are higher than the beginning or even mid summer.  We recommend using a 4 to 5 foot leader line this time of year.  We are in line for another DFW stocking this next week and should be getting a healthy load of bigger 3 to 5 pound Rainbows from Desert Springs Hatchery, which should keep the catching side of fishing more productive.  The nights are getting longer and the days shorter as we begin the downward slide of summer, the nights are getting cooler and we are starting to feel the first signs of Fall in the Air, so don’t wait much longer to get one last great trip up to the beautiful Eastern Sierra and the June Lake Loop.  The doors here at Silver Lake Resort stay open until Monday, October 16th, which is only 5 short weeks away.  Plan one last trip for some great fishing and even better views that the entire Eastern Sierra has to offer you!!!

Happy Fishing and We Will See You at The Lake!!!

Fish of the Week:

Jim Annos of Ridgecrest landed this nice 6 pound 10 ounce Rainbow fishing from a boat on Silver Lake using an Orange Pinch Crawler.  Great job Jim.  Nice Catch!!

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