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Silver Lake Resort Fishing Report

August 13, 2017 6:48 am by Andrew Jones

As we begin to say good by to summer, this weeks Fishing Report goes out to all those kids that have to go back to school, kicking and screaming, in the next week or two.  As you head back to school and are sitting in class day dreaming, we hope you think about the great days of Summer spent in the Eastern High Sierra and the June Lake Loop.  We hope you think about the fish you caught, the hikes you took, the s’mores you ate, and the great time you got to spend with friends and family.  Now wake up, focus up and pay attention to what the teacher is saying – work hard, get good grades, be kind to friends, classmates and even folks you don’t know and come back to what we consider heaven here in the June Lake Loop next summer.  We wish you a great school year and look forward to seeing you next summer, if not sooner!!!!

The fishing here at Silver Lake stayed very productive this past week thanks to a nice load of Desert Springs Fish that were put in on Monday weighing in at an average of 3.4 pounds each.  Speaking of stocking, did anyone notice I mentioned last week that Christmas is coming early in the form of 4,000 pounds of Desert Spring Rainbows!!!  YES, 4,000 pounds will be delivered to Silver Lake this next week and if you are a North County fisherman, Bridgeport Reservoir will also be getting a 4,000 pound load thanks to Mono County!!!  That is a lot of fish and we are excited to be receiving those gorgeous 1 to 3 pounds Rainbows from Desert Springs!!!

Anglers this week saw some really good results both in the lake and down on Rush Creek using a variety of different baits and tactics, but nothing that we haven’t been saying is successful for weeks.  Bait fishermen are seeing great action using Berkely Pinch Crawlers, Mice Tails and any Dough Baits with some Garlic.  They are fishing these baits down on the bottom now with roughly a 3 to 4 foot leader.  Night Crawlers have also been strong  especially down on Rush Creek fishing these closer to the surface.  Trollers are seeing great results early in the morning and late in the day pulling streamers like an Olive Matuka, Rainbow Hornberg or Wooly Buggers and are seeing best results about 20 to 30 feet below the surface.  If you enjoy tossing a Fly Line, think about using a midge or an emerger, as well as some common bugs like a Mosquito or nymph.  The fish are out there with plenty more to come in the next week, so as summer begins to slip past us come on up for some great fishing and even better sight seeing.

Happy Fishing and We Will See You at The Lake!!!!

Fish of the Week:

Here is a great story – Cooper has put his time in fishing at Silver Lake and Rush Creek this summer and summers past and this year he was rewarded by landing this beautiful 2 pound 12 ounce Rainbow he caught down on Rush Creek using a Night Crawler.  However, the story gets better as the night before he caught this beauty, Cooper had to visit the Emergency Room in Mammoth to remove a hook that was stuck in the side of his head!!  No kidding!!! Dad tried hard to get it out but the professionals at Mammoth Hospital had to finish the job with a few stitches.  Early the next morning Cooper was back at it fishing down on Rush Creek when he hooked into this nice Rainbow.

A true diehard fisherman  – Nice Work Cooper!!!

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