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Shasta Lake is "Brown Town"!!

Shasta Lake is "Brown Town"!!

Jeff Goodwin
(707) 616-1905

Today we fished Shasta Lake, and once again, found some really nice bites.  Of course the one real line burner brown we hooked thrashed on the surface behind the boat and threw the hook.  Its always fun hooking into a big fish, but itcan leave you wondering what you missed when they come unbuttoned.  Oh well, we had perfect weather for most of the morning until we lost the light breeze on the lake surface.  Once Shasta glassed over, the bite pretty much shut down.  We only planned on a half day trip so getting everyone on a fish or two was enough to call it a good day.  Todays biggest brown was in great shape and had alreday recovered after spawning.  She was nice and fat and had a belly full of shad!  She was the first brown we've caught that has already started to gorge on shad after spawning.  Thats good news and perhaps we will see a good bite coming from the returning spawners from now into the coming year.  The rainbows are still hit and miss, but we're finding a few nice ones most of the time.  Keep your lines up high and cover lots of water.  Keep your presentations as far away from the boat as practical and chances are, you'll find fish.

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