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Shallow for numbers, deeper for quality at Diamond Valley Lake

WON Staff Writer
Published: Jun 22, 2017
HEMET — Like everywhere else, it’s getting hot out here. Daytime temperatures are getting into triple digits, but those hitting the water are finding largemouth bass at a variety of depths, and actual dependable patterns are being dialed in, which is rare at DVL.

THIS HEFTY BUCKEMOUTH ate a KDR worm for Javier Franco in Diamond Valley Lake’s Rawson Cove.

“Despite the high temps, bass are still biting,” said guide Todd Kline ( “There are a ton of bass eating fry and bass guarding fry. And there are even still some on beds. No joke, I caught a few on beds. Fish were caught this week on drop-shots, Yamamoto Sim Senkos, Foxy Fry jerkbaits and Flukes. I fished all day Saturday through the heat and never stopped catching fish.”


The largemouth reports gathered by Western Outdoor News have been pretty consistent over the last few weeks, which is pretty much the opposite level of consistency DVL regulars have come to loathe. Matt Magnone of Last Chance Tackle in Hemet is among quite a few bassers finding great numbers of fish close to shore, but better quality on structure in 15 to 25 feet of water. Bigger worms on a Texas rig and smaller plastics on a drop-shot are the best angles of attack for these underwater humps, rock piles and brush.


Striped bass action has been anything but over the last few weeks, but big schools of smaller fish are being found down 40 feet in open water, so keep an eye on your electronics while in transit. Not a lot of people are targeting them, but we did hear from one boater who stopped on the school on multiple passes and picked off a few with small swimbaits and spoons.


Bluegill fishing has been good for weeks at all the dams, and Kline said he saw a lot of them shallow on beds as well.


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