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October 10 - 14, 2017


KING SALMON  FISHING -Sacramento, California, Hamilton City, Corning, California
Red Bluff, California, Anderson, Ca (BALLS FERRY)
Sacramento River Fishing 
Sacramento River King Salmon fishing- Sacramento River Salmon fishing report

          October 10, 2017- River flows are 9,000 CFS
     Fall is here. Sacramento River salmon fishing is great! Had a new run of fish move up last week. Catching fish daily, limits common. Still more salmon making their way up river.
Average size salmon being brought in are 10 to 25 pounds, occasionally bigger fisher fish are being brought in. 37 pound King salmon caught in September has been the largest salmon so far this year. Rain will be here soon, it will be great for the fishing, so just pack rain jacket!  With rain comes more salmon moving into the area, as long as we get don't get it all at once. Rain is a good
thing, for everyone.
 Techniques used are back trolling Flat fish lures and bouncing roe.
 Fishing all Northern areas of the Sacramento River, the King salmon are heading up river.
We are fishing daily, for the latest Sacramento River salmon fishing reports.


Sacramento River fishing October 8, 2017                                              Sacramento River fishing October 7, 2017

Sacramento River Fishing
 Lower Sacramento River Trout Fishing
Redding fishing
Sacramento River
Sacramento River Fishing
/Sacramento River Fishing 
Sacramento River Trout fishing
  Redding, California
to Anderson, California
Lower Sacramento River fishing report Redding
October 9, 2017- River flows are 9,000 CFS
Lower Sacramento River trout fishing is good for both fly fishing and spin fishing. We are catching nice size Rainbow trout, producing  15 to 30 days.
The lower section from Redding to Bonnyveiw is good.
For fly fishing, best flies have been Pheasant tails, Birds Nest, Hogans SM, and Egg patterns.
Our spin fisherman have been doing well using small green corky.
We fishing every day. Please call us to schedule your day on the river.

September 30, 2017
  We offer spin fishing and fly fishing trips.

Redding fishing - Keswick Reservoir Fishing
 Fishing Keswick Reservoir for fishing for rainbow trout. Catching lots rainbows. Weather is warming and fishing is very productive.

Lake Shasta Fishing Report
Redding, CA
 Lake Shasta fishing
Guided fishing trips on Lake Shasta
October 9, 
2017  Shasta Lake guided fishing- Lake Shasta trout fishing

Trout and Salmon fishing time on Lake Shasta. Fishing has been fantastic !
Shasta lake has been the best we have ever seen for big rainbows. We've been catching limits for the last two months.  Fish are averaging 1 to 5 pounds, 15 to 24 inches,
All trout are being caught 100 to 125 ft. deep. Brown trout we have been catching around  80 feet.  My boat alone caught 14 Brown trout this year,  the biggest 6 pounds.
The king salmon have been tough to find but when we get them they are big. 150 ft. on the depth.

 For Bass fishing, top water, using Ricos and Poppers have been the best on the Pit Arm. Worms are still working well also. Really big fish being caught now, see pictures below.
Catching monster fish. Lots of large fish, over 5 pounds. Catching a few beautiful Brown trout. Pro guide Captain Kirk is the Master at catching huge Browns on Shasta Lake.
This lake can be difficult to catch fish if you don't know where to go, let the pros show you. The Sac River Guide team  produces amazing fish !

 Whiskeytown Lake Fishing Report
Redding, CA
 Lake Whiskeytown fishing
Guided fishing trips on Whiskeytown Lake.

October 9, 2017 
Whiskeytown Kokanee Salmon Fishing is happening.
Picking up lots of  kokanee salmon, good fishing the last few days. Getting into nice salmon.  Big fish this year which is a great bonus !
Still producing limits they ate really nice fish they are starting to turn a little but very great eating.  Getting fish at 100 feet from the bridge to the dam mid day
has been the best. Using bait and lures. Great for the whole family.


Feather River King Salmon Fishing
Feather River Striped Bass Fishing
Feather River fishing report
King Salmon Fishing & Striped Bass Fishing-Oroville, California
October 9,

The Feather River fishing report for king salmon fishing is good now. Most salmon are being caught out of outlet which has lots of boats and
100 bank fishermen.   If you are into boat banging try it out, we are not fans of large crowds. We have been focusing on the Sac River for salmon and doing just as well or better, with less pressure on the water.  For less crowds, stay on the Sacramento River.

Striped Bass Fishing - Feather River Bass Fishing- The Feather River was producing nice striped bass.
The bass fishing starting to slow as we move into summer. A few fish will follow the salmon up river so we may see a few stripers caught
during salmon season.

  Using live bait is best bet for these tough fighting fish. They are quite feisty so they are lots of fun to fish for and catch. Weather is great.

Trinity River Salmon Fishing
Trinity River Steelhead Fishing
Trinity River Fishing Reports 2017

Lewiston, CA, Douglas City, CA, Weaverville, CA,  &  Junction City, CA -
Your Trinity River Fishing guides.
Trinity River fishing report here.
October 9, 2017

The Trinity River flows are 1,100 CFS.
 Salmon fishing this year for 2017 season will be open until August 31, 2017. After this date King salmon
on the Trinity River will be closed for the remainder of the year. There will be other rivers open to salmon fishing . Please contact us directly for information. 1800-670-4448.

The Trinity River water flows are lower now and picking up a few a salmon. One salmon per boat has been the average, ranging in size from 10 to 15 lbs. 

Trinity Lake has been fishing well for Kokanee salmon , limits of fish most days. .
We will be fishing the Trinity River on and off throughout the year, as we approach these warm
spring months for trout, as water levels allow. JUST AROUND THE CORNER - Prime months for steelhead fishing are October to February.
Ranging in size from 4 pound to 12 pound bass.

Sacramento River Striped Bass Fishing Report
Sacramento River Striped Bass Fishing
Sacramento River Fishing 
Sacramento River Striper Fishing- Colusa, CA
October 9
, 2017
Sacramento River striped bass fishing is up and down. Picking up a few striped bass, here and there, Season is winding down for the bass on the river.
Using live bait. Look to Spring time for more action. There may be a few caught during salmon season, but may and June are Prime months for stripe

1-800-670-4448 or 530-515-5951


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