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Sacramento salmon season ending on a high note

Published: Dec 08, 2017

ANDERSON —  The Sacramento River appears to have saved its best salmon fishing of the season for the last, as bright kings, some of them trophy size, are pouring into the Anderson area at their best pace of the year.

The handful of guides fishing the Barge Hole area continued to report limits of bright salmon last week and over the weekend, as the season nears its end. Salmon season closes Dec. 16.


A HUGE LATE fall king salmon was caught by Bryce Linder of Red Bluff on Nov. 30 in the upper Sacramento River while back bouncing a sardine-wrapped KF-16 Brad’s Killer Fish plug with guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service. The fish was 41 inches long and had a girth of 28 inches, weighing between 40 and 42 pounds! That big fish was preceded by a 17 pounder caught by his 6-year-old son, Deacon.


Guide Dave Jacobs got one of his young clients into one of the largest kings of the season last week. Bryce Linder of Red Bluff and his son Deacon, 6, were fishing with Jacobs when Deacon caught his first salmon, a 17-pounder. What followed likely has the young angler hooked on salmon fishing for life.

“Young Deacon was back-bouncing his lure for the second pass of the day and then bam!” Jacobs said. “After a long tug of war over 10 minutes, both young Deacon with the help of dad Bryce landed the largest king salmon I have seen all season on the Sacramento River, a massive 41-inch by 28-inch girth king salmon. Deacon’s king salmon tipped the scales between 40 and 42 pounds. What a salmon for the father and son to experience together.”

Jacobs said the large number of jacks in the Sacramento this fall is good news for next year. “Big king salmon have been hard to find this season on the Sacramento River with many, many jack salmon being caught,” Jacobs said. “With this many jack salmon returning this is promising news for next year’s return of king salmon on the Sacramento River as high jack salmon return numbers are a clear indicator for future returns.”

Guide Kirk Portocarrero of SacRiverGuide said fishing continued to be good at the Barge Hole the past week, with limits of bright kings from 6 to 25 pounds. His clients caught several adults over 20 pounds last week. The size of the fish improved drastically from a month ago, Portocarrero said, although there are still big numbers of jacks.

T55 FlatFish plugs are working well at first light, while roe is catching fish later in the morning.

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