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Sacramento River Fish Report

Woodson Kings are here!

Jeff Goodwin
(707) 616-1905

Today we fished a half day King salmon trip on the Sacramento River below Woodson Bridge.  There are some bright salmon available now and its only going to improve in the coming week or two.  Flows are perfect and water temps are running about 57 degrees at first light.  All our bites came on drfited roe, but we did see a few plug fish caught as well.  If you want to get out and see the Sacramento River and catch some King salmon, give me a call!  Trip locations will vary, but we are going to drift bait with spin gear and see lots of water throughout the day! 


Still arriving daily

Kirk Portocarrero
(530) 221-6151

The last few days were getting some nice brite fish  yesterday  was tough ee had 2 hours of hard rain but we still  pulled off some nice fish have to work some days a little harder calk me if you up for a nice day on  the water 530 515 5951

Trip Photos

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