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Sacramento perch would have been a world record, but it became a taco!

Written By TIM GOODE/WON Staff

 WriterPublished: Jun 08, 2017
SUTCLIFFE — The Sacramento perch Jennifer Dow recently landed at Pyramid Lake easily qualified to become an International Gamefish Association world record, but instead of going through the qualification details, it was turned into fish tacos.
Sacramento Perch at Pyramid Lake - Torn Waders Fishing report


A 4-PLUS POUND Sacramento perch caught at Pyramid Lake by Jennifer Dow would have easily exceeded the world record of 3 pounds, 3 ounces, but after a photo, it was cooked up with cilantro and lime and turned into fish tacos!

The perch weighed four pounds and just under one ounce on a hand-held scale, surpassing the world record of 3 pounds, 3 ounces set by Richard J. Fischer on Sept. 22, 1995 at Crowley Lake.


Dow’s fish was much smaller than the Nevada State Record of 4-pounds, 9-ounces established by John Battcher in 1971 on Pyramid Lake, one of the oldest records in Nevada, but never officially entered as a world record. Battcher’s fish was 17 inches long, Dow’s fish measured 16 inches.


The world record will not come to pass for Dow, however. The required documentation – witnessed weigh-ins and a variety of measurements did not take place before the perch was cleaned, cooked, mixed with cilantro and lime and served in fish tacos. “It was really yummy,” Dow said.


Dow and her husband, Jerry, were trolling for cutthroat trout in Windless Bay. Jennifer had a strike on her 7-inch watermelon spoon but missed. The fish came back and hit and held. “It’s funny because just an hour before my husband and I were talking about perch and he was saying no one ever catches perch,” Jennifer Dow said. “Sure enough, it’ a perch.”


The couple took the fish to Crosby’s Lodge to weigh. Jerry started researching records with his telephone and the realized it was a world record. They took pictures of the fish, called the local newspaper and prepared the fish for dinner. “It was good,” Jennifer said. “First time we ever had perch.”


Jennifer Dow was happy to catch a larger fish than Jerry. “I wasn’t trying to catch a record, I was just trying to catch a bigger fish than my husband and I did. We are a bit competitive.”


Last fall Jerry caught a 17-pound cutthroat on 6-pound test, which may be a state record, but he has not completed the paperwork.


“He may have a state record but I caught a world record fish,” Jennifer said. “And it tasted good with coleslaw, she said.”

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