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Reader Reports: Two fish in one cast

Western Outdoor News

 Feb 02, 2018


Reader Report by Ryan Erbstoesser, Atascadero


Went fishing today, Sunday, Jan, 28, 2018 at Nacimiento Lake (Central Coast California). It was a bluebird day and daytime temps hit the mid-70s. There was no wind. I caught these two spotted bass while fly fishing a dual-fly rig. (TWO FISH IN ONE CAST) in about 15 feet of water.

 Reader Report by Marc Stevens, Vacaville



January Lake Berryessa trout fishing with my son Blake and my daughter Sienna, 3½ and 4-pound rainbows. Trolling Rapalas, wiggle hoochies, and apex top 10 feet.

Reader Report by Stefan Mosby, Ventura


Another good week for Channel Islands yellows. I went 2 for 3 the past 3 weeks on the Aloha Spirit out of Cisco's in Oxnard. This one of 3 for the boat on Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 was the largest at 32 pounds. All 3 fell to the Iron.

 Reader Report by Jeff Wilson, Hermosa Beach

 Nice pair of Canadians and a few green wing teal brought an otherwise moderate season to a close late in the morning Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018 outside Lancaster. Pictured are Jeff Wilson, Hermosa Beach and Brian Storrs, San Luis Obispo.

 Reader Report by Phat Nguyen, Morgan Hill


After a 55-minute brawl, I closed the book on this 300-pound Puerto Vallarta yellowfin. Went out with Marla Sportfishing, and used an Accurate ATD 50 loaded with 130-pound Power Pro and Blackwater 130-pound flouro matched up with a Seeker rod.

 Reader Report by Dustin Beavers, Gardena


Caught Saturday, Jan. 20, 2018 fishing the high tide in the morning at Dockweiler Beach. Using a 4 inch Kalin's Mogambo lure on a pumpkin and dark brown speckled football jig head and using 8-pound test monofilament on a spinning rod.

 Reader Report



Jameson Moya, age 9, landed this nice fish on Sunday, Jan 28, 2018 at Lake Casitas in Ojai.

 Reader Report by Chris Iseley, Aliso Viejo

 Fishing on the Upper Owens was relatively slow this week. Many anglers I spoke to were not hooking any of the migratory rainbows. The mornings were cold and the best action occurred after lunch when the sun warmed. I fished there 2 days. The first I managed 7 fish within a 2-hour period. I caught this 23-inch rainbow on a pheasant tail (oddly enough) as well as this 20-inch rainbow (on the pheasant tail as well) within the same hole. I managed 5 more fish on a crystal egg pattern that was taught to me weeks before by Tom Lowe at Sierra Drifters. They ranged from 15- to 19 inches. Oddly enough, the fish all came during a 2-hour period that had a break in the clouds and the sun started to shine. The second day I caught 5 fish all between 13- to 15 inches. All of the fish were located within a 100 yard stretch and scattered in deep pools. Some of the smaller fish were located in the shallows. I fished from the Hot Creek inflow into the Owens all the way up to the private land section. All of the fish were located very far up, almost at the property line of the private waters. I also lost another 22- to 24-inch fish at the net. I considered myself lucky as I was the only one reporting any fish and the muddy water below the inflow didn't seem to be helping anyone's cause. I would say look for the clearer water and head north. But there definitely are not as many fish migrating north as there were a month or two ago.

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