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Reader Reports: One of those trips you’ll never forget

Western Outdoor News
Published: Aug 10, 2017


Reader Report by Ryan McDonald





Started the day getting a half scoop of 'dines as a back-up but the goal was catching an Orange County dodo on the fly gear. The few paddies I found were empty and the others had boats on them. I'm stubborn and wanted to find my own. Around 10 a.m. I was getting frustrated until I came upon a tailing marlin. I tried to slow troll a ’dine around and in front of it but it sank out. Boxed the area while slow trolling for nada. Kept moving down swell and spotted another tailer a mile or so away. Tried to slow troll another 'dine but the marlin sped up to the same speed I was going and kept turning toward me every time I tried to turn away to go wide around it to bring the bait in front. I grabbed the nearest rod (30-pound jig stick with a 2/0 ringed flyliner) and cast a bait in front of it. It immediately charged it. I was bit! Gave it a three count and put the reel in gear only to feel the bait pull out of its mouth. Dropped it back and it rebit! This time I let it eat a few seconds longer before setting the hook. It initially came straight to the boat after a short run then the fun started. From lit up boat side to 300 yards away in three blinks of an eye, jumping the whole time. I had it 6 feet from my boat no less than 10 times. If there were a second person or even just a heavy leader it would have been leadered and released. Jumped countless times with numerous slashes while charging the boat until the 30-pound mono eventually parted. To be completely honest, it was relieving to have an LDR. Trying to release/revive it after a long fight would have been sketchy in a 15 foot 150cc Triumph. To find two tailing marlin and successfully bait one in local waters, solo on my own boat, is reward enough for me. This will be one of those stories for the grandkids. Both marlin were spotted inside of the 14 mile bank. The hookup was 10 miles off Laguna.


Reader Report



Twelve-year-old Dylan Murray caught his first ever bluefin weighing in at 120 pounds aboard the vessel Ultra. Landed it in 55 minutes on Sunday, Aug. 6, 2017. Awesome experience.



Reader Report by Cavin Muff, Chico



Cavin Muff caught this 8-pound 9-ounce rainbow trout last week at Bridgeport Reservoir. Cavin can usually be found fishing Robinson Creek but this year the water levels were too high. Cavin's grandfather, John Muff, commissioned the help of local guide Chris Passas. Chris really had this reservoir dialed and PowerBait mouse tails of various colors was on the menu!



Reader Report by Jamie Medrano, Fillmore



Kayla Medrano, 12-years-old, from Fillmore caught a 2-pound rainbow trout. She was fishing with her family at the backside of Lake George, using Fl. Orange PowerBait.



Reader Report by Ruben Castaneda, Chino Hills



I landed this big bluefin tuna aboard the Chubasco 2. The fish was 73 inches and weighed in at 207 pounds.



Reader Report by Bennett Mintz



A 24-inch bull trout (an endangered variety of char) from the Hoh River in the Hoh Rain Forest on the Olympic Peninsula on Thursday. According to our guide, it was the largest bull trout of the year. Great fight on a 5-weight rod! Bull trout are so fragile they may not even be removed from the water for a photo.



Reader Report by Derwin Chang, San Diego



Kyle Chang of San Diego, kayak fishing at the Artificial reefs out of Oceanside, north of the harbor entrance. Caught this sand bass on a 7" swimbait. Lots of calicos, sandbass and rockfish being caught and released, average weight of bass was 4 pounds. Lots of bait in the water and fish still spitting up red crabs.



Reader Report by Jamie Medrano, Fillmore




Brother & sister, Nick and Kayla Medrano of Fillmore, limited out at Tioga Lake in no time. The siblings were using salmon eggs and red & gold Thomas Bouyant.



Reader Report by Scherie Dee



Austin Balzano, age 3 with grandpa Mike. His first trout caught at Big Bear Lake, north shore near the dam on garlic PowerBait. Trout weighed 1-pound, 8 ounces and was 16 inches long.



Reader Report by Robert Vildosola, Oxnard



Went fishing on Gentleman out of Cisco Sportfishing in Oxnard and got this big sheephead on Sunday, July 23, 2017. I want to thank the Gentleman and the deckhands for all the help and a good time that we all had together.



Reader Report by Myrna Nakamura, Redondo Beach



Caught this 225-pound bluefin tuna at San Clemente Island on Friday, July 28, 2017 on a 2-day trip aboard the Apollo. Fifteen bluefin were caught for the trip with 3 over 200 pounds, with most fish weighing 130 pounds.



Reader Report by Barry Colburn, Huntington Beach




My brother and I were fishing the mouth of Newport Harbor, just past the end of the jetty. We hooked others but lost them due to light tackle. I changed rods and was using my Avet MXL with 40-pound braid and an 80-pound mono leader. I hooked him on a live sardine and fought him for about 45 minutes before we were able to gaff him and get him aboard.



Reader Report by Jim Schain, Hemet



The fishing was amazing on Monday, July 31, 2017 when I took my 8-year-old son Corban for an afternoon of fishing at South Lake in Bishop. We were able to catch our limit in just 40 minutes! We successfully caught and released many other fish, as well. The bite was automatic and the snow patches on the mountains made for a beautiful scene and an epic afternoon of fishing. Hot pink Berkley Gulp salmon eggs proved to be the hot ticket for us. We were using 6-pound test with a 3-pound leader. Attached is a picture of me (Jim Schain) and my son Corban Schain with one of the bigger fish – a 13½ inch rainbow that hit and fought hard. I wish every dad could experience this with their children.



Reader Report by Dennis Noone, Simi Valley



I caught this at the end of June while fishing in the Mediterranean Sea for my 50th birthday with my wife Pam, dad Bill, and his wife Vicky, aboard a 37-foot Sunseeker boat chartered from Toni Riera from Mallorca, Spain. We fished at the continental shelf and caught this 226-pound bluefin tuna which took 1 hour and 15 minutes to bring in. It was tagged and released! Toni's brother Vins and Constantin took us out for the day. They were great! Anyone traveling to Spain has to look them up! It was a trip of a lifetime!



Reader Report by Alex Breton




Was fishing at Santa Ana River Lakes and landed this trophy. Bait used was a bonita.



Reader Report by Rob Warner, Lincoln




Caitlyn and Allie Warner caught these nice Chinook fishing the Sacramento River this past week with their Dad, Rob Warner, of Great Outdoors Guide Service.



Reader Report by Andrea Garcia, Playa Vista




Three-pound, 10-ounce trout caught in upper Twin Lakes, outside the Mono Village campground in Bridgeport. Caught using a Kastmaster.



Reader Report by Robert Swist, Newbury Park



Landed this trout at Bishop Creek using salmon eggs was the best bet or small Kastmaster lures. Fishing is best at dusk. Lake Sabrina slow at dam.



Reader Report by Gary Wilcox, Orange



Fishing with Gordo and Bear on Garcias Pangas in San Quintin, Baja Mexico, we caught limits of yellowfin tuna and quality grade yellowtail. Anglers are Gary Wilcox and Steve Doeck.



Reader Report by Jason 'Jay Bird' Laeng





I wanted to share my latest triumph at Lake Trinity. I had an epic two days of fish after fish. These were caught at the Trinity Alps Bridge on Trout Spinners. One is my 3-pound smallmouth bass and the other is my 16-inch rainbow trout. They were caught between 6 to 8 p.m. over this past weekend. I left the boat at camp and decided to take my chances at the bridge. I caught many fish these two days and wanted to share. Happy Fishing.

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