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Reader Reports: A day on the water with family and friends

Western Outdoor News
Published: Jul 27, 2017



Reader Report by Kai Ishisaka, Monterey Park




Kai Ishisaka and Dawn Ishisaka, brother and sister. Kai with a 4.8 and 4.2 ’bow and Dawn with a 5.2 rainbow caught in the Mammoth Lakes on mini jigs.



Reader Report by Mark Muñoz, Mission Hills




I took the jackpot with the help of my son Marky on the Island Spirit out of Ventura Sportfishing Sunday, July 9 2017.



Reader Report by Colin McNany, Pacifica



Salmon fishing continues to be excellent out of the San Francisco gate. Hannah McNany of the Catch All out of Sausalito with a 16-pound hog. Limits continue to be had.



Reader Report by Cyrus Snyder, Orange County




Eisenhower Park is a place where family and friends get together to hang out, but for many, it's a fishing spot. The fishing in that tiny pond is super pressured. Many people are around the lake, fishing it all day long. During the time I was fishing, the bass were coming up shallow for minnows. About 6 casts along the shore, I was jigging, and I felt all this weight. It was big, and it was pulling hard. I had 10-pound test and an ultra-thin mosquito hook, so I had to be careful to not bend out my hook or to break my line. I kept tension on the line, but didn't horse it in. Once I got the fish close to shore, it fought harder. The bass was really pulling my drag. Once it tired-out, it was just a madder of lipping it and pulling it up. Weighed in at 10 pounds, 10 ounces.



Reader Report by Ryan McDonald



A week ago I started the morning off at an Orange County reef on my boat Bic Juan. I cast out a 7" Big Hammer after shutting down upwind of the spot to see how I'd drift with the wind and current combined. Almost perfect South to North. The meter showed a school of bass suspended between 30' and 60' so I slowly wound the plastic through them. No dice. Cast back out and felt a slight tick on the sink. Cranked the reel in gear and set into huge head shakes/tail beats. With buttoned drag and 30-pound top shot, this fish still pulled line down toward the structure. Luckily, I was able to get its head turned before that. Shortly after, the bass showed itself and I saw it was barely hooked in a thin strip of the lip. I fumbled for my net and was able to land it uneventfully. As soon as the bass was in the net, the plastic fell right out. It measured 25 inches and weighed 8.25 pounds on the digital scale. My new personal best salty bass on the second cast of the day! I've caught a few that length before but never had a scale, so now it's official. Gear used: 7" Big Hammer, 2-ounce Lead Head, Phenix Swimbait rod (can't recall the model), Curado 301E, 50-pound Braid and 30-pound fluoro.

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