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Pyramid Lake cools, draws cutthroat to the shallows

WON Staff Writer
Published: Oct 25, 2017
SUTCLIFFE, Nev. — Pyramid Lake is cooling down and the big cutthroat are moving into the shallows. Five 10-pound plus fish were caught last week and three of those fell to shore anglers.

A 14-POUND, 3-ounce cutthroat trout was caught from the beach at Rawhide by Casey Anderson of Pyramid Fly Company while fly fishing. He was using a balanced leach.

Last week’s freeze and overnight winds dramatically cooled the surface temperature to the high 50s and a push of cutthroat came close to shore, said Casey Anderson of Pyramid Fly Company in Sutcliffe, NV.

“Now that the weather is cooling we are starting to see better numbers of active fish coming in and feeding,” Anderson said. “The main food source is still the Tui Chub. Stripping baitfish patterns or hanging a balanced leech under an indicator will be your best ticket at this time.”

Anderson caught-and-released a 14¼-pound cutthroat at Rawhide using a balanced leech. That was the largest fish reported last week.

Gus Muehlenhaupt of Somerset caught two 10-pound cutts on different trips. He caught a 10-pound, 11-ounce cut’ trolling a FlatFish off Popcorn. Two days later he caught a 10-pound, 10-ounce cut’ using a Blue Lymon, also off Popcorn.

Guide George Molino of Cutthroat Charters went trolling Wednesday and Sunday and had good success on both outings. On Sunday, Molino said they caught limits for two customers but released a dozen others. The largest was just shy of 24 inches. He used Apexes and a variety of spoons and caught fish from 30 feet to 80 feet deep. Best action was north of Warrior Point near Monument.

Guide Marc Christophel went out with friends last week and enjoyed excellent action trolling half-ounce Mack’s Shasta Humdingers. Christophel caught and released 20 fish weighing between 5 and 8 pounds.

There’s a variety of ways to catch trout now, but they are making themselves more available to shore anglers every day.

“The fish will come in and out of shallow water chasing or cruising for the next pod of Tui Chub,” Anderson said. “This time of year generally isn’t a time for great numbers like it is in March, but there are still some awesome days with more and more big fish caught from shore.”

Anderson said combo patterns for two-fly stripping rigs can be productive when a floating fly such as a boobie or popcorn beetle is paired with a weighted or unweighted baitfish pattern on a sinking line.

“Vary the cadence of your retrieve and depth because there have been baitballs in different parts of the water column and you might be surprised,” Anderson said. “For an indicator set up, use a balanced leech in white, black, olive or brown. That has produced some nice fish in the last week.”

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