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Owens River Fish Report

Upper Owens River Fish Report

Owens River - CA

Nate Cuomo took advantage of the one fish he came tight to on his trip. This beefy Hen came late in the afternoon. Pressure has been very heavy recently on the Upper Owens. Tom Loe was the guide.
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters

by Tom Loe

A solid push of twenty inch migratory rainbows have used the increased water levels to move up out of Crowley and onto the gravel beds. Heavy angling pressure can make finding quality water tough, especially on weekends. Don’t hesitate to add a couple more feet of leader, & some additional weight to get those nymph rigs down. The difference between a good day, & a mediocre one can be as simple as one split shot, and another foot of tippet!  Adding to the fun is a solid showing of smaller resident fish sipping on midge clusters in the pillow water of the larger pools. Crystal Eggs, San Juan Worms, #16-18 Assassins (dark and light), #14-16 Crystal Leeches, and #16-20 Copper Tiger Midge, Zebra Midge, and Gillies have been good patterns fished with plenty of weight below an Under-Cator. Watch the mud after the ground thaws on some of the two track roads leading down to the river-you can get stuck. Check out our guide tips page if you are not experienced in fishing attractor patterns during the winter. There is an informative posting that will give you some pointers on how to set the hook.

Drifters client Chris Iseley scored a couple beautiful Crowley Steelhead fishing solo recently. Time for you to leave the temple grasshopper!
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters
Yuriy Deahuntsoy scored big time with his first on the fly. Doug Dolan put him on it.
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters
Check out this “Snow Bow” Russ Sutter got on his guide trip with Doug Dolan.
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters
Codi Huston got his first fly rod fish on the UO with Doug Dolan guiding
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters
Russ Sutter battled a rare snow storm and got another chunky Crowley Steelhead.
Photo Credit: Sierra Drifters

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