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Oroville Lake Fishing Reports

    • Water Temp: 80-81 degrees, elevation 811

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Got an early launch at lime saddle, right about 5:30 am, stopped fishing at 9:30 am as the heat began to warm up. Lake level seems to be about the same, not much change since last week, exact level?? website is down. Water still warm, 80-81 degrees in most locations. Bite was fair, better fish this week, only two dinks at 12", with one 16", one 15 1/2" one 14 1/2" and some weird fish, never seen one before, for a total of 21 fish. Does anyone know what the heck this fish is. My better fish came from about 30-35 foot range, where the water feels better then the surface temps. Pictures in fishing forum.

    • Water Temp: 81-84

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: I have the grandsons for a few days so I took them to Oroville. We didn't wet a line until 9:30, really tough to get 2 guys less than 10 years old moving. We started out in the middle fork with drop shot and wacky senkos and landed 12 to 15 dinks. They would rather swim than fish. We moved to the middle fork around 11 and I landed 5 more 10-12" fish on dartheads and drop shot while they went swimming again. Their grandmother was the life guard although she did catch a couple of senko fish earlier.
      Pulled off around noon. Ramp was getting crowded and I had to wait to pull out.

      Not like 5 weeks ago when the bite was hot and 50 to 100 fish wasn't all that hard.
      Lake is of course down 90' from full and holding but I still have guys asking why? I guess no one reads a paper or watches the news.

      Tips: Best colors Roboworm Morning dawn and KVD Chart/blue dream shot. The 3 to 4 fish on the senko hit 4" in white.

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