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Oroville Lake & Barryessa Lake Report

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      Water Temp: 68-70

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: I took a husband-wife team to Berryessa on Wednesday, moving up their trip one day because of the rain today. What a difference in the weather from the last trip there. Wind all day, cloudy and much cooler. Main body saw big white caps - no fun. Bite was slower and the bass smaller. We stayed in the narrows the whole trip as they would not have liked the rough water. The gentleman ended the trip well on our last stop, catching a nice bass around 2 1/2 lbs. We caught all 3 species of bass. We used Robo and Berkley worms, mostly 6 inch. We still caught some bass in the back of some coves - trying to get out of the heavy wind. Still some late spawners I think.

      Tips: I tried a few topwater baits in the afternoon for fun and did catch 2 small bass and missed a bigger one. I'm sure the topwater bite was ok the day before! I tried a few small beaver type baits to see if the bass were interested. They weren't!! They just seemed to want a worm. Another cool weekend is on tap with maybe Sunday rain - again! I have always done well at Berryessa on topwater during post-spawn rain events, especially in the morning. Give it a try!!

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      Water Temp: 70-73

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: I took two young men to Oroville for a morning of bass fishing. One was a good high school fisherman and the other gentleman really hadn't fished before. We went up the middle fork and found the bite to be ok, but not great. I was impressed that each of them caught a decent spotted bass - one at over 17 inches and one about 16 1/2 inches. However, in spite of their nice length, they were very skinny. I know they had just spawned, but I thought they were too thin. I just had the guys using Robo worms Texas rigged, because we were fishing too much rock to drop-shot. We used about 3 or 4 colors, with morning dawn and MM111 the best colors. Most bites were from 10 to 20 feet deep.

      Tips: It was just amazing to see the lake drawn down so fast in such a short period of time. Just a massive amount of water released the past 3 months. Living in Yuba City - below the dam - made the releases ok with us. There are many other baits we could have used but I knew the worms would work well for them. Bass still seem to be scattered all over the place in spite of the dropping water. Our quality bass were always a little deeper than the smaller ones. Water color is excellent - just right up the middle fork. The bald red banks - points - seemed to hold the better fish.

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