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ODFW Weekly Recreational Report




Tyler's First Halibut. Photo by Jacob Miller.
Discover ocean fishing at its best off the Oregon coast
What could be better than a finding a beautiful place where you could catch tuna, halibut, salmon, and crab – all on the same day? Look no farther than the Oregon Coast, which is generating a lot of good fishing news lately for people who want to try ocean fishing. Halibut season is open, albacore tuna are showing up, recreational coho and Chinook salmon seasons are open and fish are being caught, and crabbing has been excellent in several locations. So if you want to experience ocean fishing at its best, now’s the time!


Plenty of places to catch ‘trophy trout’ this summer
Thousands of extra-large rainbow trout are being released at locations around the state this season as the as the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife enters the second year of its “Trophy Trout” program. These 15-inch-and-larger trout are adding excitement to what is already one of Oregon’s most popular outdoor activities — trout fishing. See the news release or trout stocking schedule for details. 

As temperatures rise, think warmwater fishing
As temperatures rise moving into summer, warmwater fish such as bass, crappie, and bluegill get more active, making them a good option this time of year. To learn more about this fun fishing activity, check out our Warmwater Fishing Page for ideas on when, where, and how to catch these fish. 

Learn to hunt and shoot
Shotgun skills classes are coming up in August following by hunting workshops in September; see

Take a Friend Hunting – Win a Prize
Experienced hunters who take a new or lapsed person out hunting can enter to win prizes. Both must be adults (18 years and older). More info.

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