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Northern Utah Region Fish Report

Information compiled by Nicaela Haig

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

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Bear Lake


Anglers report fair fishing this week. The surface water temperature is in the mid- to high 40s. The water level is almost at full capacity and boat launching is possible at all ramps on the Utah and Idaho sides of the lake.

The weather, however, has played a big part lake access and created hot-and-cold fishing. Fishing is fair in the Gus Rich Point/Rockpile area and in the Cisco Beach/Rainbow Cove area. If you prefer to jig, use tube jigs or swim baits in various colors in 1/2- to one-ounce sizes and three to six inches long. White, green and motoroil are reliable colors. You can tip your lure with cisco/sucker/carp meat for better luck. If you are trolling, use flatfish in U-20 or similar sizes or minnow type lures in #9-13 sizes. The lake is pretty much the same temperature from top to bottom right now and therefore both cutthroat and lake trout can be found in water from 10 to 100 feet or more. Pay attention to your sonar and, once you locate fish, target that depth strata.

This is a great time to fish for Bonneville whitefish. You can target them along rocky, shoreline areas using light tackle. Fish in depths from five to 30 feet and use a medium action rod with four- to six-pound line and 1/16-1/8 ounce jigs, spinners in size 1 or 2, or small, one- to two-inch long spoons. Tip your lure with a piece of worm or waxworm and keep it close to bottom. You can also catch these fish using sinking-tip fly line with wooly-buggers or egg-sucking-leach patterns fished close to bottom. Bonneville whitefish are very good eating both fried and baked. Many anglers like to smoke them too. The run should last until about December 15. Try fishing along 1st and 2nd Points, Cisco Beach and off the Utah State Park marina dikes. (12-01-17)

Blacksmith Fork River


One angler reported poor fishing with a fly rod using a zebra midge or egg pattern. The angler switched to spinners, and caught 20 fish: 19 brown trout and one cutthroat trout. Fish are still on their redds, but not very aggressive. (12-01-17)

Bountiful Lake


Fishing slowed down at Bountiful Pond considerably this week. One group of anglers got barely a nibble. (12-01-17)

Causey Reservoir


Fishing has recently been slow at Causey, according to reporting anglers. (11-24-17)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


Fishing is still good for rainbow trout. One angler caught several rainbows in a few hours by trolling a brightly colored lure. (12-01-17)

Echo Reservoir


One angler reported slow fishing at Echo this week. (12-01-17)

Farmington Pond


Fishing is still slow at Farmington Pond. One group of anglers fished the pond for 2 hours, but got very little action. (12-01-17)

Holmes Creek Reservoir


Fishing continues to be fair for rainbow trout. Try using worms or PowerBait. (12-01-17)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


If you're looking for a quiet place to fish this week, Hyrum might be a good place to consider. The State Park reports fair fishing this week and very few anglers on the water. Boat anglers are having the best luck, while shore anglers are having more trouble. Try PowerBait and worms if you're shore fishing. If you're using a boat, trolling has worked best this week, according to the State Park. (12-01-17)

Jensen Nature Park Pond


Anglers this week report few to no bites. (12-01-17)

Kaysville Ponds


Fishing at Kaysville has been good, according to reports last week. Try using a spinner. (12-01-17)

Logan River


One group of anglers reported catching over 100 small rainbow trout and one decent-sized brown trout in crystal-clear water by flipping homemade baits on an ultralight or fly rod. (12-01-17)

Lost Creek Reservoir


Similar to the past couple weeks, anglers this week report slow fishing at Lost Creek. (12-01-17)

Mantua Reservoir


Anglers report good fishing for rainbow trout, but no bites from perch. One angler who fished from shore reported an excellent trout bite in the morning that turned off around noon. Over the course of their trip, the angler caught rainbows on a small jig, a worm under a bobber, and a woolly bugger on a fly rod. For shore anglers, recent angler reports recommend fishing off the tree-covered areas — especially on the east side of the reservoir. On Nov. 6, an algal bloom warning was maintained for this reservoir and no updates have been posted since then. Please make sure to clean fish thoroughly and discard the guts. (12-01-17)

Ogden River


Fishing for brown trout on the Ogden has been consistently fair to good these past several weeks. Try using worms, Rapalas or spinners. (12-01-17)

Pineview Reservoir


Fishing has been fair to good for panfish, bullhead catfish and tiger muskie. According to reports, bluegill are biting readily near the shore. Although the crappie caught have been decent-sized, angler reports on crappie have been mixed. The perch bite has overall been better than the crappie bite. We are receiving occasional reports of anglers catching tiger muskie too. (12-01-17)

Rockport Reservoir


One pair of anglers who fished Rockport on November 25 caught eight rainbow trout in about four hours of fishing from a kayak. The fish ranged from 8 to 16 inches in length. They stayed south of the boat ramp on the highway side of the reservoir, trolling a shallow-running crankbait on one rod and a dodger and apex on the other. Running lures just a few feet under the surface brought them the greatest success. (12-01-17)

Uinta Mountains


Fishing is good to hot in the various mountain lakes this week, according to anglers. One angler described the fishing as providing nonstop action. Tiger trout, rainbow trout and a few brook trout were the most likely catch this week — and they were reportedly very hungry and aggressive. We also received a couple reports of people catching greyling. According to one angler who fished in the mountains on November 28, the ice at these lakes ranges from four to six inches in thickness. Be cautious, however, because ice conditions and thickness may have changed since this report. The most productive depth for fishing was six feet of water. We highly recommend snowmobiles or 4WD because of the heavy snow in the mountains during the winter. Please be sure to check road and weather conditions before heading up to the Uintas! (12-01-17)

Weber River


Fishing is fair to good on the Weber this week, according to anglers. The river is low from Croydon to Echo. The mouth of the canyon saw some tough catching this week. One angler reports plenty of hits, but very few fish willing to commit to their spinners. They ended up catching two fish on spinners. Another angler fishing the mouth of the canyon pulled in two 18- to 20-inch cutthroat trout using nymphs. Fishing was tougher on the river around Riverdale, too. One angler missed a few hits, lost a nice fish, and landed one brown trout using spinners. Another angler using a spinner didn't catch anything and a fly fisherman wasn't catching anything there either. (12-01-17)

Willard Bay Reservoir


One group of anglers reported fair fishing for catfish. Another angler reported catching a 23-inch catfish at Willard last week. Fishing for wiper and perch was slow this week, according to anglers. (12-01-17)

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