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Northern Utah Region Fish Report

Information compiled by Nicaela Haig

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

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Bear Lake


We have not received any angler reports this week, but last week fishing was spotty. Some anglers reported a good bite for Bonneville whitefish while others had a slow time. If you want to keep going for whitefish, try fishing at Second Point and Cisco Beach. (12-21-17)

Blacksmith Fork River


Fishing has been good on the river. If you're looking for some nice solitude with very few anglers on the water, the Blacksmith Fork might be a good place to try. This time of year, egg patterns might still be working. (12-21-17)

Bountiful Lake


The pond is covered in a thin layer of ice with patches of open water. (12-21-17)

Causey Reservoir


On December 16, the Wheat Grass arm (also known as the Boy Scout Camp arm) was almost completely frozen. Anglers fishing that arm said that there were about three to four inches of ice. Elsewhere on the reservoir, there was still a lot of open water as of December 16. One angler reported catching eight rainbow trout in two hours on December 17. (12-21-17)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


Angler reports have confirmed that East Canyon still has open water with a water temperature around 37 degrees. As of December 18, a few patches of thin ice would form overnight but they would melt as soon as the sun came out. Fishing the past couple weeks has been fair to good. Last week, one angler landed four rainbow trout in the 16-inch range. This week, an angler reported catching a couple nice-sized rainbows, while another caught six planter-sized trout. (12-21-17)

Echo Reservoir


There is no ice on the reservoir and there probably won't be any for quite a while. Fishing at Echo has been good, but can be spotty according to one report from last week. One angler noticed that the schools would swim through about once an hour and fishing would be hot and fast fishing, then completely dead until they came through again. Green PowerBait worked well. One angler caught a few healthy 12- to 18-inch rainbow trout last week. (12-21-17)

Farmington Pond


Last week, the ice on the pond was four to five inches thick throughout: the edges were just as solid as the middle. This week there is more open water near the inlet, but anglers are still able to fish on most of the pond. Fishing is fair at the pond. (12-21-17)

Holmes Creek Reservoir


As of December 15, the reservoir was covered in a thin layer of ice with a narrow patch of open water on the edges. (12-21-17)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


The reservoir is still primarily open water, but some ice shelves are forming along the edges. Fishing has recently been slow to fair for rainbow trout. (12-21-17)

Jensen Nature Park Pond


On December 15, the pond was capped in a thin layer of ice with a few larger patches of open water. (12-21-17)

Kaysville Ponds


On December 15, the ponds were capped with a thin layer of ice with small patches of open water distributed throughout. (12-21-17)

Logan River


Fishing has recently been good on the Logan, but we did not receive any angler reports this week. At this time of year, egg patterns might still be working on the river. You could also try a Copper John or pheasant tail pattern. (12-21-17)

Lost Creek Reservoir


An angler who visited the reservoir on December 15 reported that there was no ice yet. He fished Lost Creek for 45 minutes and caught a couple of rainbow trout. (12-21-17)

Mantua Reservoir


Anglers this past week reported good to hot fishing despite heavy fishing pressure. On December 19, the ice was approximately four to five inches thick and it was covered in about two inches of snow. Angler reports indicated that fishing was best for perch, mainly in terms of quantity rather than size. Rainbow trout was the next most caught species. Anglers caught far fewer bluegill and bass but many still reporting catching them. Most of the bluegill were only a few inches long.

According to several angler reports, the smaller fish were biting readily and in great quantity, but there were a few larger fish mixed into the catch. One angler who was fishing the south side of the reservoir caught approximately 30 perch along with several bluegill and trout — which is similar to a few other reports we received. Another angler had great success for perch by tipping a jig with a waxworm. Yet another angler caught a few fat rainbow trout. Another family of anglers reported catching mostly rainbow trout, but also one large perch. Very few reporting anglers this week opted to share what they were using to catch these fish. (12-21-17)

Ogden River


Although we did not receive any angler reports this week, fishing on the Ogden was good to hot last week. One angler who fished the Ogden River below Rainbow Gardens experienced excellent fishing, landing 16 fish in two hours. Some of the brown trout were actively spawning, so they fished in the areas below their redds and caught mostly stocked rainbows feeding on their eggs. The angler reported great success using a double fly rig: an orange egg pattern with a red zebra midge as a dropper fly. You might also catch quite a few fish using zebra midges. The river is not being fished by very many people, so this could be a great time to go out if you don't mind the cold weather. (12-21-17)

Pineview Reservoir


According to a few angler reports this week, no ice has formed at Pineview beyond a few thin patches along some of the edges. The few fishing reports from Pineview we've received these past couple weeks suggest a slow to fair catch for panfish. (12-21-17)

Rockport Reservoir


As of December 20, the reservoir still had open water and the surface water temperature was in the high 30s to low 40s. Try fishing off the bottom, as this was how a couple reporting anglers caught a handful of decent-sized rainbows this week. One angler reported that garlic PowerBait worked well. (12-21-17)

Uinta Mountains


The Uintas are likely a good destination for ice fishing right now. Fishing was good at many of the mountain lakes for tiger trout, rainbow trout and brook trout. The ice has been thick enough to walk on at all of the lakes along Mirror Lake Highway for quite a while, according to anglers. Please be sure to check road and weather conditions before heading up to the Uintas! (12-21-17)

Weber River


Fishing on the Weber has been fair recently. One angler reports catching one large brown trout using a San Juan worm this week. (12-21-17)

Willard Bay Reservoir


Last week, one angler report indicated that thin ice has been forming along some of the reservoir's edges. Fishing at Willard Bay has been very slow, according to recent angler reports. (12-21-17)

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