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Northern Utah Region Fish Report

Information compiled by Nicaela Haig

Attention: Quagga and zebra mussels are a major threat to Utah waterways. Read how you can help keep them out of Utah.

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Bear Lake


Anglers report good fishing from a boat for lake trout and cutthroat trout. If you're trolling, try using minnow-type lures and Flatfish on the east side of the lake. You could also try trolling in the early mornings — before the sun comes up — off the mouths of North Eden and South Eden canyons. Troll chartreuse or green minnow-type lures on flat lines 100 feet or more behind your boat. Later in the day, use downriggers to get your line within five feet of the bottom and pay attention to your sonar unit. If you see fish, continue to troll in that same area. If you are not seeing any fish, then move deeper. Try fishing off Cisco Beach or 2nd Point. (09-08-17)

Blacksmith Fork River


Fishing has been fair to good. Try using a spinner or Rapala. If you're using flies, ant and hopper patterns have worked well recently. (09-08-17)

Bountiful Lake


Fishing is fair to good for bluegill and catfish. Try fishing a worm off the bottom or using a worm under a bobber. (09-08-17)

Causey Reservoir


There are no new reports, but fishing has been fair to good for rainbow trout. Try using spinners. (08-24-17)

East Canyon Reservoir & State Park


Fishing is currently fair, primarily for rainbow trout. Try using orange, green or rainbow PowerBait if you're fishing from shore. A spoon or popgear with a worm has also worked well. (09-08-17)

Echo Reservoir


Fishing is fair to good for small bass and perch, and rainbow trout. Worms have worked well. If you're using lures, red and gold have been successful colors recently. Boat anglers report good fishing by the dam . Shore anglers recommend fishing from the rocks on the east side. (09-08-17)

Farmington Pond


Anglers are reporting very slow fishing. (09-08-17)

Holmes Creek Reservoir


Anglers continue to report slow to fair fishing. Try using topwater lures for bass or PowerBait for trout. (09-08-17)

Hyrum Reservoir & State Park


Anglers report slow to fair fishing. The primary catch was small perch. Anglers have recently reported catching huge numbers of tiny bass as well. These little fish are only a few inches long, but have been biting readily and are fun for children to catch. (09-08-17)

Jensen Nature Park Pond


Anglers report very slow fishing. (09-08-17)

Kaysville Ponds


Fishing is fair to good for bluegill and catfish. Try fishing with a worm off the bottom or using a worm under a bobber. (09-08-17)

Logan River


Fishing has been good, according to anglers. Rapalas and spinners have worked well. (09-08-17)

Lost Creek Reservoir


Anglers report slow fishing. (09-08-17)

Mantua Reservoir


Fishing has been fair for bass and perch. Anglers recommend topwater frogs and curlytail grubs. Boat anglers have been catching more fish than those fishing from shore. (09-08-17)

Ogden River


Fishing for brown trout has been quite good, according to anglers. Worms have done well this week and throughout the summer. (09-08-17)

Pineview Reservoir


We haven't received any new reports from anglers, but fishing has been good for smallmouth bass. (09-08-17)

Rockport Reservoir


Fishing for rainbow trout and perch is fair to good. Worms, spinners and Rapalas have worked well, according to anglers. One group of anglers caught several perch and smallmouth bass on the south end of the reservoir. Shore anglers recommend PowerBait — especially the peach color. (09-08-17)

Uinta Mountains


Anglers report good to hot fishing for tiger, cutthroat, brook and rainbow trout. The waters throughout the Uintas have produced very well this summer. Overall, spinners like Joe's Flies did well, but you also could find great success from the shore if you're using a fly and bubble, a worm under a bobber, a worm floated off the bottom with a mini marshmallow, or PowerBait. If you're looking to beat the crowds, try venturing further away from Mirror Lake Highway where the small stream fishing has been excellent. Several lakes in the Uintas were stocked last week. (09-08-17)

Weber River


Fishing is fair to good. We have not received any new reports from anglers, but patterns lije hoppers, sowbugs, Copper Johns, and beadhead hare's ears have been working well. (09-08-17)

Willard Bay Reservoir


Fishing reports for wiper have varied wildly—ranging from slow to hot depending on the angler, the day and the time of day. Wiper fishing was best in the evening, according to some reports, and anglers even report explosive boiling action when they caught huge numbers of fish very quickly. One angler said that the boils on September 3 were unlike anything he had ever experienced at Willard. Other anglers fished multiple days and said that some days were good to hot and some were slow. Shore fishing was fair overall. One angler caught a couple decent-sized wiper over the course of a morning and noticed that other shore anglers were also experiencing fair fishing.

For wipers, anglers recommend virtually any lure that looks like a shad: Shad Raps, Rapalas such as the Rattlin' Rapala, Kastmasters, or anything white or chrome. Wipers were hitting mussels as well. When the fish are biting, they're biting aggressively and putting up a good fight that anglers enjoy. Several of the wipers that anglers reported catching were decent-sized.

Anglers also report good to hot fishing for catfish and walleye at Willard as well. A worm has been very successful in bringing in decent-sized catfish. Walleye anglers caught several fish by fishing near the bottom. (09-08-17)

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