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Northern California Lake Fishing Report

    • Report: Sorry for the mistake on my previous report. 6 1/4 pound client bass was caught on a D&M Piranha swim jig, not the Power worm.

    • Water Temp: 61-62

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: I took two guys and a gal out for some night fishing, and, of course, it was the coldest night so far. And very damp - not the best of conditions. Not any wind though. Some trip are quality, not quantity, The older gentleman was fishing the 7" Power worm I gave him and had a great hit around 7:30 pm. It had been awhile since I had to use both hands to lift the net and the bass into the boat. She was a beauty, going at least 6 1/4 lbs - a largemouth. I might have hear him look at the younger man and say: "that's how its done!" Naw, I sure I didn't hear that! A little while later I felt my Power worm get stuck in some wood - I thought. No bite! She came half-way in with no movement. Then she understood the situation!!! Wow - she went all over the place and finally in the net. She turned out to be a 4 lb spotted bass - my biggest spot at Berryessa. I've been close, but never there. All my big spots are from other lakes. We had a few more soft bites, but no hookups.
      The bite was just dead. Only 2 bass - but worth it!

      Tips: I was hoping they could get a few casts before dark, but they couldn't make it in time. I think his bass and mine were about the same depth - 15 to 20 feet. His was on a point and mine was on a wall. We fished some good looking areas in the narrows and saw a lot of bait, but the cold night just killed the bite.

    • Water Temp: 62

      Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: Have not been to this lake in over 7 years...Went out with buddy and caught a spoon fish on the first drop. We stayed with it and sexy shad cranks and rattletraps all day. We caught smallmouth,largemouth crappie,trout,catfish. They must have put in some big trout recently as we had three rainbows between 3-4 pounds on rattle traps. The crappie came on spoons and were more than a pound each. One smallmouth was close to 3 pounds. All and all a fun day on the water. Bring a plug knocker as the fish were in 27-30 feet and there is a lot of brush to get through and we got hung up more than we would have liked but only lost one spoon. 3/4 oz. Chrome hopkins shorty or it's equal will work.

      Tips: Shear stone walls worked best for us. the fish wanted a big rip and drop but that is tough to do with all the wood on the bottom. Slow rolled the rattle traps at the mouths of small cuts or coves and the trout just slammed the baits. Best trout trap was a strike king 1/2 oz. sexy shad color.

    • Report: Delta Report… Stripers and Sturgeon Rolling Wow finally keepers out number shorts. From Pittsburg to Three Mile the West Delta bite rages! Best Bite of the year is NOW!
      Isleton Fishing Report
      The salmon bite winding down as is the season. The bite in the area has been just mediocre all week. While we are continuing to getting reports of success from Salmon searching anglers, still Spinners are leading the way. Water temperatures have dropped with the cooler evenings. While fewer are fishing they are seeing larger salmon getting close. Stan’s Spinners are the best bet for those who want to try.

      Walnut Grove Fishing Report
      Stripes and sturgeon showing. More Stripes are in the area as anglers see the fall bite picks up. still around as temperatures return more seasonable in the Walnut Grove area as the trolling bite is OK mostly small fish. Red Eye Shad and small shad patterned plastics are the top choices here as well. Bloody Eel and Ghost are starting to get a few Sturgeon.

      Discovery Bay Fishing Report
      Wow Water temps finally in the upper 50’s have the bite stabilizing. Watch for birds as the bait finally balls up making it a bit easier to target both blackies and stripers. Smaller Stripers are moving throughout the Disco area and attacking A-rigs, Swimbaits and finally Big Wood like Dan’s Delta Mizers. The Stripes and Blacks are in main river Holland riverside south to Italian Slough. Hair Jigs and Strike King Bad To The Bone RedEye Shad getting bit. Black Bass cooler evening temps have water temperatures dropping and the bite on upswing! Reaction bites during the weather more finesse techniques when storms pass.

      Frank’s Tract Fishing Report
      Stripers and bass bite both starting to respond well to the cooler temperatures. It’s no secret what a little fall weather can do. Rip baits are great options while small swim baits and swim jigs get the mention. We found plenty of Stripers and Black Bass with Hair Jigs, Swimmers like the Diamond Shad getting grabbed. Flurries of Stripers on Old River Flats. On average getting 10 to 15 plus keepers a day to 10 pounds with an occasional teener!

      West Delta Fishing Report
      Anglers in search of stripers are finding solid numbers of keeper stripers from both boat and bank. Most of the nice stripers coming soaking Shad . Antioch Pier scored stripers to 33 inches this week. Shad is top offering. The West as in Honker Bay to the Broad Slough plug casting is getting fish when wind cooperates. Go On Top with Dan’s Delta Mizers, during the day go old school with Hair Jigs Like Dan’s Classic Shimmer jigs or Spro in open water White/Dark Green and White/Blue best this week. Sturgeon are grabbing the spotlight. Eel is the best bait over all, but roe and shad also scoring diamondbacks Broad slough and surrounding cuts.

      Los Vaqueros Reservoir Fishing Report
      Plants of trout continues to spurs the action. They are being caught in South Cove and Oak Point as well as Peninsula Cove. The baits of choice for shore anglers is garlic-scented PowerBait, nightcrawlers or Kastmaster lures. Trout average a pound and a half but range to over 5 lbs. Light tackle is important for catching trout with 4-6 pound test being plenty. Trout fishing is still decent, especially in the morning, with limits being caught around the reservoir and more fish being caught overall. Lots of limits are starting to show up from South Cove and from boats around the lake.

      Provided by Dan’s Delta Outdoors, 1625 Main St Oakley CA 925/234-4694 Follow us on Facebook

    • Water Temp: 58 degrees, elevation 694.34, 696.24, up another 2 feet 11/18/2017, 6-7 foot gain in the last two days

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Got an early launch, not a single trailer in the lost, first on the lake as usual, right at 6:30 am. Slight breeze, ended up a picture perfect day on the water. Headed to N. Fork, found 2 bucks dead center of the beginning of north fork, kind of main lake, looking for ladies on the other side. Bite was decent, thing the steady water level helped a lot, water up a food, down a 1/3, up a half, back and forth all week, making for near steady water level, up 4 feet or so today. Made about 6-7 stops, found fish ever stop. Again, got a 14 1/4" LM, seems the last 4-5 trips got a LM or two each trip. What's up with this, never this way in the past. Spots were typical, 12 1/2-13 1/2", none bigger today. Stopped my quest right at 10:15 am. Picture just a typical spot, battery died so let the LM go without stressing her. Picture in fishing forum.

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