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Northern California Lake Fishing Report

    • Water Temp: 62-63 degrees, Elevation 695.84

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: Launched at Bidwell early, about 6:40 or so, not a single trailer or vehicle in the parking lot, spooky feeling, stopped fishing right at 10:35 am. Amazing hardly a breeze this am, unusual for launching early at bidwell. Headed about half way to the rock pile in the N. Fork and found fish willing to bite. First fish about 7:10 am, still half dark. Tried about 6 locations and got fish at each stop, but just 3-4 fish at each stop. Fish still deep, just about all caught 30-35 feet. Thought I had a giant for a while, ended up just a 13" but hooked exactly top of the back, just front of the fins. Wow, they fight when hooked that way. Made a stop in potters cove on the way in and got the 15" fish. Picked up 22 fish today, best right at 15", one 14" most 13" or so, along with a couple 11-12". As always, released all to grow bigger and catch again one day. Pictures in fishing forum.

    • Report: by kraetzer » Mon Oct 30, 2017 7:09 am

      Finnaly was able to get on the lake. Water temp was from mid to high 60s.
      We found fish working on baitballs all over the place but couldn't get a reaction bite going. Only hooked one fish on a crankbait after they busted the surface chasing bait and i through right in their but he came off.
      The only way we managed to catch them was on drop shots and caroline rigged worms around the bait.
      We didn't catch a lot but had a couple of nice 3+lb spotts and a 3+lb largmouth.
      Fish and baitballs where in about 30 feet of water.
      The cold weather and rain in the future might push them closer to shore and maybe get that fall bite/reaction bite going.
      Hope that helps and tight lines

    • Water Temp: 61-63

      Water Clarity: Clear (4+ foot visibility)

      Report: On the water at 7am with HEAVY fog. Stayed around launch until fog started to lift. Spook caught a couple on rocky points over 25 plus feet of water. Kept working my way to cherry with the A-RIG, Spook and under spin and caught a few more. Fished until 2pm when the wind picked up.

      Tips: I caught around 12 fish, all of them were smallmouth with 1 around 3 1/2 . Never really saw any bait balls with fish on them. I lived welled my fish to get the best 5, and the well had 20 or more 1 inch dead bait fish in it with a couple craw claws at the end of the day.

    • Water Clarity: Stained (2-4 foot visibility)

      Report: We launched around 6:30 Sat. morning and headed north. East side along steep banks had some bass busting shad. Managed 7 in the first 1-1.5 hours on crank baits. Most were smallmouths. Had one LM that was likely 2+ #'s and a sm that was 1.8 and skinny. Would have gone two+ once it fattens up a bit.

      After the sun hit the water the reaction bite seemed to disappear for us. Son managed 4 more after that on DS without any real pattern.

      East side had a couple more feet of visibility compared to the west side.

      Friday night they dropped the lake 3 feet. Ranger said they had been letting water out most of the week, but were surprised to find they had let out another 3' overnight. He warned us about the mud stacked up on the ramp.

      Off the water at 1:00.

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