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North State Fish Report

North state fishing report

By Western Outdoor News

Posted: 11/16/17,

TRINITY RIVER >> Steelhead fishing has been good near Douglas City and Junction City, as last week’s rain moved fish around. The steelhead are running 4 to 6 pounds. About half are hatchery fish. Small MagLip plugs are working best, but roe also is taking fish. Fly anglers are doing well with beads, while bank anglers are tossing spinners or drifting spoons in the Junction City area.

FEATHER RIVER >> Low water has made salmon fishing tough as the run winds down. A few stripers are being caught near Boyd’s Pump. An angler caught a pair of 10-plus-pound catfish last week at Star Bend. Steelhead fishing is good in the low flow area near Oroville, with roe and yarn working best.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Redding to Red Bluff >> Flows from Keswick Dam dropped from 7,500 cfs to 5,700 cfs. Light rain last week was enough to draw a big school of fresh, bright kings into the Barge Hole. FlatFish plugs are outproducing roe. Guides reported limits of kings over the weekend. Steelhead fishing remains good.

COLLINS LAKE >> Trout bite continues to get better. Boaters and shore anglers both catch fish. Three trout weighing more than 5 pounds were caught on Saturday after last week’s double plant. Another 1,800 pounds of trout will go in this week.

LAKE ALMANOR >> Some wet weather this past week with more on the way. There is still no concentration of snow, just mild temps and precipitation. There is not much boat traffic these days and the majority of the fishing pressure is taking place on the south end of the lake. There were fly fishermen in float tubes/pontoon boats, bank fishermen and trollers all working south of Rocky Point. There were fish in the far corner of Keddie Cove the other night in water less than 3 feet deep.

BAUM LAKE >> Trout fishing is picking up despite cooling weather for bait anglers, while fly fishermen are scoring well on baetis and midges.

BUCKS LAKE >> Action continues to be slow with few anglers on hand. The marina is closed for the winter.

EAGLE LAKE >> Marina closed for the winter. No fishing report available.

FALL RIVER >> Trout fishing has been very slow for fly anglers.

LEWISTON LAKE >> Fishing remains good for trout anglers, both from shore near the marina and upper part of the lake near the dam on Power Baits or trolled Kastmaster lures.

HAT CREEK >> Trout angling remains good on little midges and baetis flies.

PIT RIVER >> Area No. 3 is rated fair for fly anglers working little midges or red Copper Johns.

SHASTA LAKE >> Anglers are catching lots of small spotted bass, and averaging 30 to 50 a day. Neko and Ned rigs are working well 2 to 15 feet up rivers and creeks. Fish off main body points and coves 20 to 40 feet, flick shake rigs. White and nickel spinnerbaits are working early with a little wind. Trollers pick up a few trout on lures behind flashers.

TRINITY LAKE >> Very few anglers out either in the main lake or up at the north end.

WHISKEYTOWN LAKE >> Fishing remains slow for kokanee and bass, with few anglers on the water.

AMERICAN RIVER >> Bank anglers are catching salmon on Flying C spinners and beads near Nimbus, but fishing has slowed. Many of the kings are now dark. Trolling near Discovery Park has been slow.

FOLSOM LAKE >> Trout fishing is slow. Bass anglers are doing well from shore at Rattlesnake Bar, where they are throwing Senkos and other plastics and catching mainly smallmouths, but also some largemouth and spotted bass.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Dunsmuir >> Flows at the Delta gauge increased to 209 cfs. Trout fishing remains fair. Rain is expected this week.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Red Bluff to Colusa >> Fishing for salmon is slow in the Woodson Bridge area. Sardine-wrapped T50 FlatFish plugs have been working best at first light.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Verona to Colusa >> Salmon fishing is slow as the run winds down. Stripers from 20 to 22 inches are being caught at Knights Landing.

SACRAMENTO RIVER, Sacramento >> Salmon fishing has slowed down in the mid-town area between Miller Park and Garcia Bend, but some kings are still being caught. Trollers are using Pro Troller flashers with Brad’s cut baits with good results. Boaters also are doing fair anchoring near the Pioneer Bridge and running M2 and T50 FlatFish. Jiggers are catching a few salmon at Freeport and the Minnow Hole. Sturgeon are showing up in the delta in big numbers and are expected to move upriver after the first big rain.

KLAMATH RIVER, Hornbrook >> Steelhead fishing has been very good near Hornbrook. Small plugs and worms fished below divers are working best. Fly anglers are catching steelhead on beads below indicators. Flows over the weekend at Iron Gate Dam were 1,050 cfs, down from 1,240 cfs a week ago.

KLAMATH RIVER, Happy Camp >> Steelhead fishing has been very good near Happy Camp, as spawning salmon have steelhead actively feeding. Small plugs and roe and yarn are working well.

KLAMATH RIVER, Klamath Glen >> Closed to salmon fishing, open for steelhead. Flows were 7,990 cfs over the weekend, up from 4,240 cfs the week before. Fishing has been slow, although steelhead are spread throughout the Klamath.

AMERICAN RIVER >> River closed to fishing above the Highway 49 bridge on Nov. 15 but remains open year-round below it.

CAMP FAR WEST >> Bass are scattered and the few being caught come from deeper water. This lake has received a lot of water and the fluctuating lake level may have impacted the bass bite.

ENGLEBRIGHT >> Trout bite has been good near the marina and in the coves straight across from the marina.

FRENCH MEADOWS >> The road to French Meadows is open and trout are near the surface, available to trollers, said Craig Newton of Will Fish Tackle in Auburn.

LAKE OROVILLE >> Bass can be caught with plastics from the shore to 30 feet. Keep the bait near the bottom and be aware that the bite is very subtle. Lake is 33 percent of capacity.

ROLLINS LAKE >> Lake is completely full. Boaters should be aware of debris. An unscheduled trout plant by DFW took place last Thursday. Anglers caught trout 8 to 10 inches long during the weekend. Bass fishing is slow but finesse techniques can return three to five smallmouth per outing.

SCOTTS FLAT >> A 4-pound-plus smallmouth bass was caught last week. The same angler caught a trio of smallies to three pounds the day before. A float-and-fly accounted for all the fish. The big smallmouth came from the dam and the other three were caught near the Cascade shore. Water temperature is 58 degrees.

THERMALITO AFTERBAY >> Planted steelhead to 20 inches are providing action to bank anglers with Power Bait and trollers pulling Ford Fenders and nightcrawlers. Bass bite is slow but probe deep water and you may have a chance at a big largemouth.

LAKE BERRYESSA >> Bass fishing has been a little tough lately as the fish are suspended off the points and the water temperature has dropped a couple of degrees. A few trout are being caught on trolled lures.

BLACK BUTTE LAKE >> A few crappie and bass caught near the dam area, but fishing is slow overall.

CLEAR LAKE >> This past week the tough bite condition once again popped up and finding numbers was much harder and catching a big fish was even harder. A tournament Saturday saw the vast majority of the teams weighed in 8 to 12 pounds for their five-fish limit for two people fishing for eight hours. Some crappie are being caught off the east shore.

LAKE MENDOCINO >> Not much action reported here. Few anglers out.

LAKE PILLSBURY >> Fishing remains slow with few anglers out.

LAKE SONOMA >> Bass fishing is producing some good action for 1- to 3-pound largemouth. Most anglers are scoring with A-Rigs and swimbaits. Not much action on other species.

UPPER BLUE LAKES >> Fishing is still very slow with no recent trout plants made and there are very few anglers out due to cold, rainy weather.

CHETCO RIVER, Brookings, Ore. >> The Chetco blew out late last week, hitting 14,000 cfs, but was back down to 4,100 cfs on Sunday. Heavy rain is expected to blow the river out again this week. A customer of guide Andy Martin of Wild Rivers Fishing caught a 48-pound king Sunday on a HawgNose FlatFish. Kings were spread throughout the river over the weekend.

ELK RIVER, Port Orford, Ore. >> The Elk hit 4.0 feet on Friday and was down to 3.5 feet on Sunday. Rain this week is expected to boost flows back to 4 feet. Fishing was slow to fair, in part because of leaves washing into the river.

ROGUE RIVER, Gold Beach, Ore. >> Salmon fishing is over for the year. Rain last week boosted flows to 6,000 cfs. The river is expected to hit 11,000 cfs this week. That could be enough to draw in the first winter steelhead of the season.

ROGUE RIVER, Grants Pass, Ore. >> Water was muddy earlier in week, but cleared on the weekend, reported Troy Whitaker, guide/owner at U-Save Tackle. On Sunday his trip landed 3 cohos and 1 steelhead. He said anglers are catching fish by twitching jigs and pulling plugs at Griffin Park, the mouth of the Applegate and other areas in Grants Pass. For salmon, use purple, black or pink jigs, while the steelhead action is best on pink, gold or black jigs or nightcrawlers.

SIXES RIVER, Port Orford, Ore. >> The Sixes blew out late last week, but dropped into shape Saturday afternoon. The guides lucky enough to be on the water reported wide-open fishing, with MagLip plugs working well. Fishing was good again on Sunday. Rain is expected to blow the river out again this week.

SMITH RIVER >> The Smith hit 19 feet at the Dr. Fine Bridge gauge last Friday and is expected to rise to 18 feet again later this week, according to guide Andy Martin. Fishing was fair on Saturday, but leaves made pulling plugs difficult. Lots of salmon moved above the Forks into the Gasquet area over the weekend. Guide Phil Desautel of Phil’s Smiling Salmon Guide Service, “Fishing on the Smith has been slow to fair at best. We fished the past 3 days with poor results. The water is in great shape but very few fish. ... Another storm is in the forecast so check with your guide before you make the trip.”

BLUE LAKES >> Upper and Lower Blue Lakes were planted last week and fishing for small rainbows has been excellent. Lake was planted mid-August, mid-September and last week so lakes are full of fish.

BOCA RESERVOIR >> Inlet is the spot to start. Typically, trout are stacked here this time of year. Recent cold front can only help.

CARSON RIVER >> West Fork closes to fishing Nov. 15. The East Fork above Hangman’s Bridge also closes Nov. 15 but catch-and-release fishing with artificials is allowed year-round below the bridge. Last week’s storm didn’t impact the East Fork. River is well-stocked and fishing well.

DAVIS LAKE >> Shore anglers picked up trout from Mosquito Slough and Honker Bay, according to guide Ed Dillard. Power Bait or floating nightcrawlers attracted trout measuring 18 to 24 inches. Trout are in the first 10 feet of water. Water temperature has dropped below 50 degrees.

DONNER LAKE >> Mack bite has slowed for shore anglers and trollers. Could be time for the larger browns and Macks to emerge.

ICE HOUSE RESERVOIR >> Guide Dale Daneman fished here last week and achieved four limits of trout in six hours. Trout were nine to 14 inches long and came from the top 30 feet. Lake is 58 percent of capacity. Water temperature is 54 degrees.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR >> Trout bite has improved with the cooler weather. Nightcrawlers or Power Bait will get planted rainbows.

JACKSON MEADOWS >> Lake this week will be planted with trout again. This will be the fourth plant since mid-September. Should provide plenty of holdovers for next season.

LAKE TAHOE >> Mackinaw fishing wasn’t easy last week. Weather limited access and few anglers are pursuing fish this time of year. Macks have been in the 2- to 6-pound range for the boats of Tahoe Sportfishing. Anglers are picking and scratching, but usually catching a few.

PROSSER RESERVOIR >> Trollers are getting planted rainbows. Smallmouth bass bite is slow.

PYRAMID LAKE >> Trollers have been having solid results but bank anglers have been battling algae and wind. A troller caught a 20 1/2-pounder last week off Hell’s Kitchen. It was the third 20-pound-plus cutt caught this season.

SLY PARK >> Trout fishing remains decent near the first dam and from the shoreline to the middle of the lake. This lake fishes best when the weather is cold and windy, so this is only getting better.

STAMPEDE RESERVOIR >> Toplining for rainbows and cutthroat has been productive here.

TOPAZ LAKE >> Lake closes to fishing on Sept. 30. It will re-open Jan. 1.

TRUCKEE RIVER >> Flows are good below Glenshire and fishing is best here. The expected surge of water from Lake Tahoe through the general regulation section did not materialize so that stretch remains low.

WEST WALKER RIVER >> River is in great shape as it moves to the Nov. 15 closure. Water is clear, but not low. Use light lines. Spinners, nightcrawlers work well.

BERKELEY >> Combo trips for crabs and bottomfish were the main call to action for boats from Berkeley. California Dawn, for example, fished the Marin Coast for limits of heavy crabs, limits of rockfish and about a lingcod per person. El Dorado ran back to back crab-only trips and caught 760 crabs for 76 people. New El Dorado III fished the islands for limits of crabs, three-quarter limits of rockfish and some lingcod. Happy Hooker ran islands trips and passengers hauled heavy sacks of rockfish, lingcod and crabs.

BODEGA BAY >> Crabbing was excellent and the crabs were stuffed full of meat. Hitting the productive spots was the trick and guys within a few hundred yards of one another had very different results. New Sea Angler for the week had over 3,000 crabs, 3,000 rockfish and good numbers of lingcod up to an impressive 29 pounds. Private boaters fished Elephant Rock Reef, Bird Rock Reef and Ten Mile Reef.

EMERYVILLE >> New Huck Finn, Sea Wolf and New Salmon Queen managed daily limits of big crabs, limits or near limits of rockfish and anywhere from 5 to 20 lingcod per boat (depending upon the talent aboard) from the Farallon Islands. Charterboat Dragon worked sturgeon in San Pablo Bay and beyond, scoring limits on Monday.

EUREKA >> Crab numbers were very good for boaters setting gear both north and south of the entrance. The downside was that the crabs were only about 60 percent full. Jetty fishers got plenty of kelp greenlings and blacks but had to be careful to stay away from dangerous areas on the jetty, due to large seas. The long-running California halibut bite inside of Humboldt Bay looked to be petering out, but then it has looked like that before.

FORT BRAGG >> Stormy weather kept the fleet bottled up in Noyo Harbor until Friday when the weather calmed and ushered in a bright, pleasant weekend. Boats went out in force and found limits of healthy crabs and limits of rockfish. Some large lings also came along somewhat unwillingly. Sea Hawk reported lings to 25 pounds and fishing has been wildly good.

HALF MOON BAY >> Party boats Huli Cat, Queen of Hearts and Riptide got out and fished points south (Ritz Carlton, Pescador and Pigeon Point) for good scores on rockfish and lingcod. Catches included lingcod to 18 pounds and halibut to 20 pounds. Private boaters got out for crabs and had a field day pulling in limits. Shore-based crabbers casting snares got some but didn’t always pull limits. Pacific Pier was heavily utilized and numerous limits were reported to local tackle shops New Coastside and Rusty Hook.

SAN FRANCISCO >> Combo trips out of Fisherman’s Wharf were highly productive for Bass Tub and Lovely Martha. Bass Tub managed a lingcod per rod along with limits of crabs and near-limits of rockfish, plus one 15-pound halibut. Flash and Flash II prepared for moving to Martinez for wintertime sturgeon fishing and will be back in the springtime for salmon and halibut.

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