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New Melones Lake Fish Report

      • Water Temp: 80-84

        Report: We are approaching the end of summer and anxiously awaiting cooler air and water temperature. The lake level is dropping approximately two feet each week. With water temperatures being very warm and falling levels, the fish have pulled off the shoreline and are seeking refuge in deep/cool water.
        During the spring, the water came up at a very rapid pace, flooding grass and bushes along the shore. This turned out to be the perfect conditions for a great spawn for all species. There is an absolute abundance of small baitfish, shad, bluegill, sunfish, crappie and baby bass. Once hatched, the small fish had plenty of cover to tuck away and hide from predators and provide fresh oxygenated water allow plankton to thrive. Now as these smaller fish are growing they are being pushed out of sheltered areas by falling water conditions and dying vegetation. The bass and larger predator fish are gorging themselves.
        The bass on New Melones are extremely healthy and full. On numerous occasions as we are landing a fish they will be spitting bait across the surface and onto the boat. Whenever this happens we will closely examine what size and color they are naturally feeding on and adjust our presentations accordingly. Many of the baitfish are very small and downsizing to a 2” worm has been a good option.
        To locate schools of actively feeding fish try using a reaction type lure. Small crankbaits and swimbaits can be used with a cast and retrieve method to cover water. Once you have located an area that is holding fish, try switching to a small soft plastic fished on a dropshot to continue to catch them.

        Tips: Xperience Fishing Guide Service
        John Liechty (209)743-9932

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