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Multi-species fall bite at Lake Elsinore

WON Staff Writer
Published: Nov 01, 2017


LAKE ELSINORE — Despite containing nothing but warm-water fish, no lake or its anglers are happier about summer being over than Elsinore… and that’s typically an annual thing. The warmer months have always been characterized by algae blooms, low oxygen levels, minimal new water and fish kills so regular that locals know they are nothing to be alarmed about, but this fall may really be the first time Elsinore fishermen get to enjoy their lake at its full, post miracle-winter filled up potential.

LAKE ELSINORE HAS been kicking out decent bass like this one nabbed by lake-regular Memo Guevara, and his son, Logan, near La Laguna.


WON contacts at Elsinore including lake regulars and William Johnson who runs William’s Bait, Tackle and Boat Rental at La Laguna on the north end of the lake are all reporting a solid multi-species bite in exactly that area.

Catfish are still on the chew, and carp action is wide open,” said Johnson. “We are starting to pick up some nice redear and bluegill as well.”

Johnson added the best bite has been in the morning for all species, and shore anglers are getting the best of it. Mackerel and Bite-On Mack Bites has been working on the area’s catfish including an 8 pounder that ate the latter near La Laguna for Bob Magee of Lake Elsinore.

One of those shore anglers is lake regular Memo Guevara who has been picking up bass on plastics and carp on dough baits and nightcrawlers.

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