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*Designates best areas to go fishing now.

BIG CHANGES IN THE WEATHER THIS WEEK AS WE MAY SEE SNOW ON WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY THIS WEEK! THAT’S RIGHT PEOPLE, SNOW! The plan is to start stocking Pilot Peak Strain Cutthroats this season in BOCA, STAMPEDE, DONNER, AND PROSSER RESERVOIRS with hopes that they will survive AND attain trophy sized proportions in the years to come. THIS MEANS AS AN ANGLER ONE SHOULDN’T BE KEEPING THESE SUB-CATCHABLE SIZE CUTTHROATS BUT PUTTING THEM BACK SO IN TWO YEARS THEY WILL ATTAIN SIZES SUCH AS 15-18 INCHES! YOU ARE STEWARDS OF THESE WATERSHEDS SO ACT LIKE IT FOR OTHERS TO ENJOY DOWN THE ROAD! Stocking from the DFG has been rather sparse this year considering the amount of stocking that other regions have received.

As stated above, look for the weather to change this week on Wednesday. Chance of snow beginning Wednesday pm and continuing until Thursday. Weekend will be cool with lows in the 30’s and highs in the 60’s. Be prepared for the weather!

STOCKED A MONTH AGO AND THE FISHING HAS STILL BEEN GOOD FOR SHORE FISHING! The lake level is at 90% and holding steadily going down. Boat launch is open and reports of good Mack fishing for those who fish off the boat. Macks can be found at depth of 60-90 feet and most concentrations of these fish can be found around China Cove. Macks are ranging from 5-8 pounds and have been hitting small spoons such as Hum Dingers and Needlefish. Kokanee fishing has been steady with the best spot being between China Cove North to Loch Leven Lodge. Kokes are ranging from 10-12 inches and can be found suspended at depths of 45-65 feet. Throw everything you have at the trout now, ie: powerbait, nightcrawlers, and salmon eggs and combinations of these baits, spoons and spinners of different varieties. By casting closer and then working your way out a little further one can detect what depth the trout are cruising and having patience is key to success now. Get a guide for this lake and learn the ropes! Guides listed on bottom of this page and all are highly recommended! This lake was planted the week of 5/21, 6/25, 7/9, and 8/20 with Cutthroat trout and Rainbow trout!

94% and lake is starting to come down with increase in outflows. This lake has been the most consistent but recently with all the fishing pressure it has received fish have spread out! Fishermen will find most of the fish at the North end of the lake to the last riffle of the Little Truckee River (special regs exist here so read up on the rules). Some anglers always have success at the Dam too. Great fishing for the Cutthroat and Rainbows from shore with the occasional Brown thrown in! For those who can launch their boats by the campground there here has been slow for Kokanee fishing. Fishing in the morning for Kokanee think depths of 40-55 feet and use Pink and Orange spinners, hoochies, squids, or spoons and then later in the morning go to depths of 55-65 feet with similar lures in colors of Blue, Purple, Green. Most of Boca may not be accessible due to closure over the dam and we don’t know when the barrier will be lifted! Access to the boat launch can be accessed by taking 89 to Prosser Dam road, across Prosser Dam to backside of Boca. THIS ROUTE HAS BEEN GRADED AND IS GOOD FOR TRUCKS TRAILERING BOATS AND CAMPERS! Lake is at 100% capacity and running over spillway. Was Stocked the week of 7/9!

Lake is steady at 96% now and the flow going out has decreased to 72.2 CFS! For years, this lake has suffered through drought and with the overabundance of water this year the lake has rebounded well. Fish will be difficult to find for the shore fisherman with the lake so full so have patience locating fish! With an aggressive stocking of Pilot Peak Strain Cutthroats over the next few years this lake hopefully will produce trophy-sized Cutties such as those in Pyramid. For now, those with boats have had great success catching Rainbows and Cutthroats trolling the drop-offs throughout the inlets in depths of 15-35 feet of water. Kokanee action has BEEN GOOD THIS SEASON BUT NOW THINGS HAVE SLOWED AS MOST OF THE KOKES ARE GETTING READY TO SPAWN. Those having success are pulling in 13-16-inch Kokes suspended at 40-60 feet in deeper water. Go light and bright UV colors such as Pinks, Oranges, and Chartreuse in the morning hours then switch to darker colors such as Blues, Purple, and Greens in the late morning. Not much on the Macks here as the theory is the population was depleted by random die offs during the drought years. Smallmouth Bass fishing has picked up here as there has been reports of some large ones being caught recently in the Davis Creek arm of the lake. Hint, fish structure! THE ONLY WAY TO ACCESS CAMPGROUNDS AND BOAT LAUNCH IS BY TAKING 89 TO HOBART MILLS AND THEN THROUGH RUSSEL VALLEY VIA DOG VALLEY ROAD! ROAD IS GOOD AND BOAT LAUNCH AND CAMPSITES ARE OPEN! This Lake was Stocked the week of 6/4 and 7/16!

LAKE HAS COME DOWN TO 71% CAPACITY AND CONTINUES TO DROP. PROSSER was stocked weeks ago and fishermen are catching Rainbows in the 12-14-inch size mostly in the Prosser Creek arm of the lake. Since this lake hasn’t seen many stockings of fish over the past few years fishing may be slow until the DFW starts to plant it consistently this summer. There was a stocking of Cutthroat in the Fall of 2016 that were destined for Webber Lake and there have been reports of anglers catching these fish ranging from 14-20+ inches but they are few and far between with this put and take lake. Smallmouth bass have made a reappearance around the dam which can be fun for newbies and veteran anglers alike! The more pressure this lake receives the more difficult smallmouth will be to catch. They are like Carp and are very sensitive to angling pressure! One must change up their strategies on these fish if they are going to be successful. The plan is to start stocking Pilot Peak Strain Cutthroats this season with hopes that they will survive and attain trophy sized proportions in the years to come. THIS MEANS AS AN ANGLER ONE SHOULDN’T BE KEEPING THESE SUB-CATCHABLE SIZE CUTTHROATS BUT PUTTING THEM BACK SO IN TWO YEARS THEY WILL ATTAIN SIZES SUCH AS 15-18 INCHES! YOU ARE STEWARDS OF THESE WATERSHEDS SO ACT LIKE IT FOR OTHERS TO ENJOY DOWN THE ROAD. This Lake was Stocked the Week of 5/21, 6/4, and 7/30!

Lake is full! STOCKED ONCE AND FISHING HAS BEEN TOUGH FOR THIS PUT AND TAKE FISHERY! Fishing here has slowed and reasons could be lack of stocking or fish are finding to many areas to escape the fishing pressure. Treat this lake differently now as things have changed a bit from previous years. Look for a good season here but only with increased plants by the DFW! 530-836-2589 AND ASK FOR MARK! This lake has only been stocked once on 6/25!

FULL AND FISHING MUCH BETTER THAN DAVIS LAKE! Fishing should be great this summer at this lake with the winter we’ve had! Boat launch still OPEN! CONTACT OUR BLAIRSDEN STORE FOR FURTHER INFO! 530-836-2589 AND ASK FOR MARK!

***Lakes Basin:

Closed for the summer due to new Regs! Will reopen October 1st.

(GENERAL REG SECTION FROM TAHOE CITY TO TROUT CREEK): Fishing well for the first time in years! Flows are up and recently anglers are seeing an increase in catch rates! This stretch of the Truckee this year could be very good as a lot of fish have moved up the system to occupy spots that were vacated during the drought! Best bets on this stretch will be slower water and worms and salmon eggs will do the best! For those who want to throw lures go with 1/8 oz to ¼ oz size spoons, spinners, and minnow imitations.

(ABOVE STAMPEDE): OPEN! Very fishable water right now and it has been fishing well. Nightcrawlers and Salmon eggs have been go to baits and small lures in the 3/16 oz to 1/8 oz are adequate.

JUST STOCKED ON THE 17TH, FINALLY! Should be good for little while but with any put and take lake it won’t last very long. Lake level is at 68% capacity and continues to drop. Fishing early in the season was good but it seems without any stockings this summer things have been tough. Lots of small trout ranging in sizes from 6-10 inches. Larger fish will be difficult to locate and will take more than just a few trips here to figure out this lake. Working the face of the dam at certain depths can sometimes bring up a larger trout or just getting out early in the morning and working the shoreline. Nightcrawlers and Salmon Eggs will be better here than Powerbait for the bait fishermen. The lure fishermen will have success with small Rapalas and minnow imitations along with those in boats. Great lake to get away from the swarming crowds of Tahoe.


Local Lake Guides

*Each of these guys are highly recommended for Donner Lake and Stampede!





(530) 802-4484

Tahoe Lake Guides

 MICKEY's BIG MACK CHARTERS - 530-546-4444

TAHOE SPORT FISHING - 530-541-5448

CHUCK's CHARTER FISHING - 530-546-8425




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