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More salmon show up near Red Bluff

WON Staff Writer
Published: Aug 24, 2017
RED BLUFF — Greater numbers of salmon, mostly jacks and a few adults, are now being caught at the Barge Hole, as well as between Red Bluff and Woodson Bridge.

“It has picked up considerably,” said guide Robert Weese of Northern California Guide Service. “I’ve been starting out in the Barge Hole and then pulling the boat out of the water and launching again to fish from Red Bluff to Woodson Bridge. One day I might get a couple of fish out of the Barge Hole and I have been consistently getting a few below Red Bluff. Every trip we are getting one to four fish. I think it is going to really turn on.”

Water conditions are ideal, Weese said, making plugs the best bet. He is using T55 and T50 FlatFish with sardine wraps. “I’ve just been using plugs,” he said.

Jacks are making up a big part of the catch, which could signal groups of larger adult kings are soon on their way. “We are seeing a lot of 2-year-old jacks,” Weese said. “They have been catching them like crazy in the ocean and they are starting to show up here now.” The biggest fish Weese boated last week was 18 pounds.

Guide Kirk Portocarrero of SacRiverGuide said he noticed an improvement last week on the Sacramento. He and another guide working for him caught four to five kings per boat at the end of the week.

Guide Dave Jacobs of Professional Guide Service said he expects fishing to improve over the next few weeks. “There are reports of groups of salmon moving through the lower Sacramento River near Sacramento and Verona recently,” Jacobs said. “Some of those salmon will push up the Feather and others will continue up the Sacramento River. If the hot ocean bite is any indication of what is to come in the river this fall, salmon fishing could be very good.”

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