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McCloud River

June 27,2017
by Mike Wright
Great day on the Upper McCloud River
One thing I love about fly fishing is how many ways there is to enjoy the sport.  Last week, we were drifting down the Lower Sac at 115 degrees for linbacker trout with large nymphing rigs, and yesterday I got to spend a great day with clients Lynn and Helena from Los Angeles on the Beautiful Upper MCCloud River, a perfect high altitude trout stream.  What a difference in fishing styles, but equally enjoyable.  Lynn and Helena had a great day learning all of the various techniques that can be used on the Upper McCloud to catch fish.  We fished dries, nymphs, and dry/dropper combinations. We caught wild and planted trout on all set ups and I really enjoyed their enthusiasm and interest in learning the river.  So fun.  
Lynn with a dandy!
The beautiful Middle Falls of the Upper McCloud.
Spending all day in the shadow of Mt. Shasta

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