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Mac the Naw: Late fall fishing, what's open and closed, where to drop a line or float a fly


By Doug Busey


Hello fellow anglers, the 2017 California fishing season has closed in Inyo and Mono counties for lakes and streams. Alpine County rivers and streams have also officially closed for the season. With the exception of the East Carson River that flows form Hangman's Bridge to the Nevada state line, this section is open all year with special regulations.

You may use artificial lures or flies only with barbless hooks with a zero limit. Check your California fishing regulations to see which rivers may still be open through the winter season with these special regulations.

Although the rivers have closed in Alpine County, Calif., all of the lakes remain open to fishing all year. many will not be accessible due to weather and road conditions. As of last week Highway 4 over Ebbetts Pass is closed from Silver Creek to Alpine Lake.

As our season progresses many more of our back roads will follow.I would advise any angler venturing out, especially this time of year. Let some one know where you are going and when you will return. have a full tank of fuel, blankets and some extra water.

One never knows when an emergency may happen. Also think ahead on your next trip. I spoke to a friend today that told me headed out to Silver Lake and Bear River Reservoir. He planned on a little fishing and to survey the lakes for future trips.

As he passed Red Lake and noticed the temperatures dropping and the roads started to have a hint of sleet on them. He decided not to have a bad experience and be stuck on the west side of the Carson Pass. He turned around and fished the Carson River and then headed for home.

This type of thinking can and will keep you safe to fish another day. here is a small report for our local area. The Naw will be enjoying Thanksgiving with friends and family and will have a full report for the Topaz opener on the first week in December.

SILVER LAKE: Water level is way down. Recommend small boats to launch with caution. You will have a walk to do some shore fishing.

CAPLES LAKE: The resort has closed for the season, along with the Eldorado Irrigation District day use facility. Shore fishing is good when the weather is permitting. The dam or spillway areas are most productive. Inflated night crawlers, salmon eggs or throwing Kastmasters.

EAST FORK CARSON RIVER CALIFORNIA SIDE: Although it is closed for the season. I had to give a big shout out to Peggy Bristol from Wellington Nevada. Over the summer I have seen some nice photo's from this fellow angler. And with the closing of the season, she braved the elements and caught a nice 3 pound rainbow using a worm.

WOODS LAKE: Closed for the season.

RED LAKE: Still looking a little green with algae, but will turn over with our cooler temperatures. The water level is still up.

BLUE LAKES: The road is closed 2.2 miles in to the 2nd gate.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: Water level is still up and the lake has started to turn over. Last week the water clarity was stained due to the weeds starting to break up. Campground is closed, but the unimproved launch is open for small boats. Both paved and dirt roads are open. Due to the extreme wind last weekend, I was not able to fish very long.

TOPAZ LAKE: Closed and will open on January 1, 2018.

CARSON RIVER NEVADA SIDE: The Nevada Department of Wildlife has planted the Carson River at the Deer Run and the Pinon Hills bridge. Fishing is open all year on the Carson River in Nevada.

ALPINE COUNTY BACK ROADS: As of Nov. 15 many were still open. After this weekend weather event, many will close for the season.

Good luck on your next fishing adventure. If you get a photo of your catch, send it to Have a question in our local fishing area call the Naw line at 775-267-9722. Good fishin' and tight lines.

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