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Long Range Report: Fleet finds success all along the peninsula

Special to Western Outdoor News
Published: Jul 05, 2017
Wahoo and cow cod together at the rocks; yellowtail fishing wide open


SAN DIEGO — Early summer is a rare time when the fleetis spread out all along the peninsula. From the offshore waters of northern Baja to the Ridge and Rocks off the southern section. The range of species is rarely equaled at any other time of the year. This early summer has proved no different. The list of catches this week included, yellowtail, yellowfin tuna, bluefin tuna, wahoo, grouper, dorado, amberjack, calico bass, white seabass, halibut, rockfish and, yes cow cod. It is a smorgasbord of catching.

Star 3-day

LAURA WILCHER STANDS proudly with a 192-pound bluefin tuna landed on the Star.

In a rare show of cooperation, the Royal Star found a spot of big bluefin that were willing to bite. The trip was an open 3-day and Capt. Brian Simms was at the wheel sending this report from “out west”, “We departed Fisherman’s landing at 0900 on our 3-day voyage. By 1300 we had lines in the water targeting trophy bluefin tuna. It didn’t take long to get the party started, the first fish came quickly. We picked off big tuna until dark. We ended up with 5 big tuna from 110-to 212-pounds. George Green landed a 107, Laura Whitcher, a 192, David Lawson, a 182, Gillian Ackland, a 210 and Joe Strattan, with a 212.”


Indy wraps up Seeker 8-Day

INDY GROUPER TAKEN on the bottom at the Ridge. 

The Independence has been making hay on the excellent yellowtail fishing down below over the last several weeks. On the recent Seeker 8-Day, Capt. Jeff DeBuys described the yellowtail bite this way, “Today was by far the best sign of quality yellowtail down here. They were putting on a show that most guys won't soon forget, thrashing around the boat for hours and hours. More importantly they were biting anything you offered. The long rod 7X guys absolutely killed ‘em. We enjoyed our day greatly along with the outstanding weather.”


Rooster returns

The Red Rooster III returned from the annual Mahoney and McVey Tuna and Tails Trip with a boat load of quality yellowtail. Capt. Thomas Ferrari was driving the boat combing the Ridge for biting yellowtail and grouper, “The jackpot winners were as follows, 1st place jackpot was a 46.5-pound grouper caught by Ted Scott, 2nd place was a 42-pound grouper caught by Steve Cook and 3rd place jackpot was a 41-pound grouper caught by Greg Fulton.”


RP at the rocks

AN EARLY WAHOO landed on the RP at the Rocks.


A COW COD also caught at the Rocks aboard the Royal Polaris.


The Royal Polaris rolled down to the rocks on an open 8-day and was pleasantly surprised to find some early skinny. Capt. Jonathan Yamate was at the wheel and sent this report, “We arrived at Alijos Rocks at 05:30 hours. Before we could get our anchor down, we would here the cry of hook-up, and we would land our first wahoo of the trip. This is what the doctor order, and hopefully more to come.” The skipper continued, “Once we got the anchor down, we started hooking a few yellowtail and amberjack. With a little more daylight, we pulled our anchor and started looking around. We would get a few more wahoo, then made the decision to make a few drifts. And it payed off. We would get a few more wahoo, and we started getting some nice flag grouper, along with a handful of calico bass. In all the years I’ve been going to Alijos Rocks, I have yet to see a cow cod caught. Today we caught two cow cod.”


Angler Calstar 5-Day

The American Angler was on an open Calstar 5-day doing due diligence chasing bluefin tuna. The boat was justly rewarded landing a batch of better grade. The boat sent this update, “We started the morning out in search of a few tuna and it took a while but eventually we managed to catch a few. They were hard to land on lighter gear but eventually we got a few jackpots as we boated five from 100- to 125-pounds plus some in the 40- to 80-pound class. We ended the day with some good grade yellows as we once again are very appreciative of another successful day.”


Shogun skiff trip

The Shogun skiff trip lead by Corey Sanden and MC Swimbaits once again proved to be a unique and highly successful endeavor. The boat sent this report, “Anglers reported a phenomenal trip. Wide open calico bass fishing according to Captain Russ. It was some of the best CB fishing he has seen in his career. A huge thank you to our sponsor MC Swimbaits and charter masters Corey Sanden and Eugene Roberts.”

LONG RANGE PIONEER Capt. John Klein, original owner of the Qualifier 105 shows off a 25-pound yellowtail caught on the Ridge off Baja Sur on a 6-day trip aboard the Intrepid.

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